16th September – CH4 – Mr. Poo

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Happy Hash Time, and for the 2nd time in 24 hours I was on my way to the Boy Scout Camp. Reluctantly. Not my favourite runsite, and I had recollections of Mr. Poo’s penchant for hills – at new year he made Square Rooter appear tame. What would we have in store? As I drove up the hill I spotted a couple of pink postits on a tree – hmmm… they generally appear out of place… After a gap of 100m (ish) there were some more… Interesting inside knowledge that only came into play briefly as it was right at the start of the run. Sure enough around the corner we started climbing, and that was the first time Chuck Wao went the wrong way.

Having got the first couple of checks right, I continued spotting Poo’s plan, and as we intercepted part of yesterday’s trail there was another check. Yesterday I futilely climbed the hill, today there was a beautiful glint of pink waiting for me on a bush – OnOn! The trail carried on up, and somewhere behind I could hear Chuck Wao’s progress as he slowly reeled me in. We were back to the weir – I remembered that from yesterday, but let CW carry on up the hill – sucker!

Down the other side of the waterfall and there was Itchy ready to scramble through the torrent to short cut. I jogged leisurely along yesterday’s route, and when I hit another circle, the option had to be the trail to the right we’d just passed, which Chuck Wao eagerly scampered along. As he called the next circle we could see the paper of the following circle just ahead – it’s one thing to be able to see paper from a check, but to be able to see the next check? WTF?

Perhaps CW was on a high from the day before, as he threw himself off the mountain down a steep path to check. He might have been right, it was the way yesterday, but I would fancy climbing back if it was wrong… – It was wrong, and I chuckled “Wow” as I got yet another check right, and yet another as we descended past the helipad. I was on fire – I picked every check, including the ones that took us backwards.

Interesting we could have 2 runs in the same place in 2 days. I liked todays.

16th September - CH4 - Mr. Poo, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings