11th Feb – CSH3 – Brown Finger

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The run 1063 started as normal at the hash pub waiting for the songtow. As an abnormality Top
Gear was there early and a good thing too as we were over committed with visitors Hashers from
all over like Fornicator, BMX, Bobble Head, Piss Piles, Sutasinee and Fat Controller from
Okinawa, and Sabu in the Philippines. Key Mah the original dog shit from Pattaya with his wife.
There was also the senior Poo, Pee Poo in from Norwich to supplant all the fake poo dads. The
numbers were greater than a single songtow capacity so we got another. We piled into the
songtows after the second arrived and headed off to parts unknown. Maybe not known as BMY
had set trail here before but it was like a mini outstation it was SOOOO far out.

We get to the site right near the time of the start. It was past start time before Belly Dancer put
the money bag to rest. Then we had the hare briefing. Seems the hares thought everything was
up to CSH³ standards so little to be said. The fear of the tyrannical GM Hitler Monkey (I mean
Horny Monkey), has the hares scared so there was nothing new and not even a split. (Bummer
about that as it brings the girls and boys back together again. ) The pack was sent off so they
could achieve maximum entropy. They were forced down a very steep path through the shiggy
and a barbed wire fence to another trail. Frozen Dick thought there was a perfectly good road
going the same direction so why not take that for a while. This turned out to be a small mistake
when the pack turned away from the road but the distance lost compared to the wait time to get
through the hold was about the same. Miss Piggy and Wooly Jumper were out for a nice
Saturday stroll bringing up the rear and a good distance from the FRB’s. But with help from the
new comers and the strange trail setting the FRB’s decided to run back toward the DFL group. It
seems there as a X check and then no check back. The newcomers being world hashers saw
powder and called ONON. When there was no check back they scattered and were just up and
down all the hills looking. Something failed in the briefing as half minds are not so good and
new things. The confusion was more than just a missing check back. With a cross check any
Chiang Mai hasher should have known that running out of trail is the same as a check back. The
one trail that was supposed to be true trail had a false trail off it, (that is skidy sticks). That means
the only true trail was also false. This is way too complex for half minds. People were all over
the place. It did sort of bring the pack together but then scattered them worse than ever as they
went far and wide searching for trail. This was the last the FRB’s saw of the back of the pack.
UNCO was still insisting he saw powder and it was too much for Chuckie to explain and keep in
the lead. BTW did you all know that UNCO was an altar boy with Chuckie?

There was more distance in checks that trail if measured by the distance of 100 meters for check.
One might ask, can you have too many checks? Will have to leave this one to the smartest
hasher. Since Chak Waao got every one wrong it might have been OK. Skid Mark was running
well and finding trail even when he was off trail. Square Rooter was reading the hares too well
and was able to avoid any lost time at second set of Skiddy Sticks. The true trail was only about
3 meters from where everyone ran by but on the back of the tree. Rooter found it but about 100
meters past farther across a field. Chucky was able to cut across the field from the road he was checking and recapture the lead, but the clever hares had one more check. The obvious way had
to be wrong as the hares wanted the first person to go that way. Mr. Poo and beat CW to the
ONIN. Seems His Royal should have been in the mix at the front but a little off form lately.
The BBQ was fired up and food was for the taking. Not sure the likes of Tip Toe got any by the
time he came in. No mercy on this hash for SCB. Another of the SCB’s came in to take away
the HM crash. The hash nurse cleaned blood and dirt from the knees and hands of Dick Tracy.to
have some chicken and got myself a beer. It has been said you hydrate better with beer. But
wait, I had so much the night before I only paid the non-drinking fee. So glad I had not opened it
yet and to the coke 0. Had a bit more of the BBQ before it caught fire.

The circle was just the same even though the cruel overseer was out of the country. A visitor
was cruelly punished as the GM was finding people to give unusual punishment to. Seem Kii
Maa gets a long arm for walking around. Brown Finger was left to sleep as far as being song
man until near the end. He came out with a whopper but very rude and in line with this hashes
modus operandi cruel and rude. The wings were a new lever of questioning what the hares had
been drinking. I would have to say that wings are totally un-hash like as they promote
competitive activities which the wings do. So what is the criteria that BF and BMY use? They
find two people that were in competition for money over whom would finish first. That was
Anything and Frozen Dick with Anything coming in well in front of FD. Giving them the wings
is instead of some award is a puzzle even yet. Maybe this is long arm of the law offence but the
wings? Two wrongs do not make a right. The ONONON was Off as when you the run requires
your passport people like to be close back to town. Great effort put in by the hares and hope they
can get a permit so we can have another outstation in the area.

11th Feb - CSH3 - Brown Finger, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings