13th Feb – CH3 – Brownfinger

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(Courtesy Belly Dancer)

Brown Finger for his ‘set a run a day’ for the last 2 weeks had teamed up with cunning co-hare Graven Image for this one. The last time Graven ran here (Lanna II) he had GPS’d his way to half marathon proportions, so it was with some hope that he’d learned to make sure no-one on their run would repeat his stupidity!

Arriving at the A-bucket – we found the hares supping on beer in the friendly land owners patio – Chucky and Turkish and me thought we would join them but they quickly booted us out to the romantic (Happy Valentines Day) larger site over the bamboo bridge. The owner came over to see what sort of loony farangs were dragging ice into her front garden, but she was happy enough to let us stay. Brown Finger decided to test the engineering of the bamboo bridge and was lucky to not seriously injure himself as it broke – we’ll have to ask them to build a more robust bridge for the next time we use there. [Note: this larger needs permission before use].

So with a hearty turnout – Graven launched into complicated descriptions of all the various checks thay had (not) used – and on out we headed. It was nice to know where the beginning of this run went and thanks to Square Rooters intimate knowledge of this terrain while most were chasing off into the expected trails, Bone Hur and I crossed the stream for what I then knew would be a not too evil an ascent of the hills. Bone Hur with his huge head start was first to the waterfall check which brought us back together, and then up we gently climed to the non-existant check at the top of the hill – en route Frozen Dick had upset GM Kwazi by racist behaviour of not kicking out the circle check he was standing on to keep ahead of the GM.

Humperdick, Angry Inch and me arrived at a weird looking V-check and with the FRB’s calling – Angry Inch kicked out what was the Wimp/Rambo split – leaving the trident looking Wimp option as true trail – the back markers obviously saunterred in the 2.5km in around 30 min. Poo decided that he’d better go and find the rest of the run and thus deservedly was awarded the Wings (also for sticking around for the whole circle – unlike the other half of the Dynamic Duo GM’s – Kwazi who decided that free food was better than a long circle!!)

The circle romantically illuminated by Coming Slowly and Skid Mark was pretty good fun – excellent food (khaw soi) and numerous humourous splashes – even long rants by Chucky entertained us, A good evening all in all.

13th Feb - CH3 - Brownfinger, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings