24th December – CSH3 – Wooly Jumper and Tinkerbell

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Twas the night before Christmas and time for the hash. Woolly finally got permission to use the site behind 700yr stadium – not sure why we need permission, but it is a great place to run from. There are lots of great trails making it hard to set a bad run from there – it’s strange how the hares managed it!

Hash cash is a shitty job. It starts late morning with trips to supermarkets and ends 1 minute before the circle when the late comers finally decide to give me money. Anyway, someone’s gotta do it, and hopefully BD will be back soon! The hare brief was given while I was getting money from Sups, and everyone set off before I’d locked my car – thanks for waiting! I started overtaking the walkers, and that seemed to be the MO for the day. I came up behind Square Rooter at the first V check – he confirmed that nobody had gone right as it didn’t look good – he wasn’t prepared to do the dirty work either and headed off after the FRBs. What the hell, I’m already DFL, I may as well check it out… I heard nothing from the other way, but either this was the world’s longest checkback or I was on trail!

At the reservoir we expect to go anti clockwise, leaving a v. long On-In across the dam wall, but the hares mixed it up by sending us the other way along the bottom of the reservoir. Ingenious – except that it means we cross the road in earlier in the run. The hares, fearful we might see the powder before the run started decided not to put any powder for a while – apart from some occasional powder leading down the road. I can understand the odd tricky business at a circle check, but that was just crap – powder leading away, with no checks and no ending. If I bothered giving awards, I would have probably given the hares everything, but it was only going to get worse.

Somebody finally found the trail heading up a narrow path up the mountain. Typically everyone was back together and we spent our time climbing a steep path single file behind the walkers. At the top there was a circle. Again the scumbag, asshole, fuckwit hares had placed some powder going straight on, although the real trail went back down to the right. Again we were stuck single file on a narrow trail going back down. As far as runs go, it was one of the least enjoyable for a long time.

At least the circle was ok! I was feeling slightly more festive by the time I headed home.

24th December - CSH3 - Wooly Jumper and Tinkerbell, 4.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings