25th December – CH4 – Mr Poo & Frozen Dick

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Christmas Day… Kids woke me up not long after 6 when they found out Santa had visited. Unfortunately Santa had enjoyed the whiskey the night before and wasn’t feeling so energetic. Run time came around and I figured why not try to sweat out some christmas spirit? The runsite was down canal road at one of FD’s haunts – I had vague memories of never making it back to the circle from here before at one of his runs, so hopefully Poo had kept him in check. It was a morning run, a hangover run, so surely it would be straightforward?

We set off and immediately screwed the first check – or should I say that Brown Finger screwed the first check. Never mind, we figured it out and set off through barb wire fences before finally hitting the hills. It was then that the christmas spirit hit and I spent a moment or two retching before continuing. The hills were silent – no “OnOns”, only a trail of powder leading away. Were there people ahead? Behind? What the hell I tried to keep going and when we headed back downwards I started feeling better. Turned out Brown Finger, Graven Image and Princess Tinkerbell were the FRBs, but the pack was stretched out a long way with HRA and Cumalot bringing up the rear after engaging in some Christmas hanky panky in the woods.

For such a small field on such a short run (3km), the hares had done a stunning job of not keeping the pack together at all! The circle disintegrated into some pleasant social drinking. Brown Finger had brought some pie – what better a way to spend Christmas lunch? Perhaps McDonalds?

25th December - CH4 - Mr Poo & Frozen Dick, 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings