19th December – CH3 – HRA

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Some confusion over the run directions – largely due to my inability to read my own website. Anyway, with a bit of help from Sups I found my way to the same A site that Bend Over used a few weeks back. It was ominous as I was generally hoping for a short flat run after the weekend’s efforts. I set off slowly following Brown Finger through some kind of corn field – may as well let him and Skiddy do some early checking.

HRA had let it slip in the hare brief that we may see some old paper – which had to mean we were going to follow at least some of Bend Over’s run, the question was how much. When Brown Finger & Poo ran through a circle check without noticing, I headed down the trail BO had used and sure enough found powder. I chanced my luck and followed the last trail and sure enough hit trail through several checks. Looking over my shoulder hasher’s took it in turn to take the wrong trail – Mr. Poo, Semen Soars. Only Brown Finger kept following me ignoring the other options and leaving the checking effort to the others. At the top of the hill he caught me and plunged down running freely back to the cars the rest of us in his wake!

I slowed down and jogged in with Jungle Chim and Turkish Delight – knackered. It turned out that most of the run was the same as Bend Over, with a few variations and I remember Bend Over’s run being great. Today was good too.

19th December - CH3 - HRA, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings