18th Dec – CH4 – Graven Image

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We were back to the Ag Centre – last week Brown Finger was hare and Graven Co-hare – today they swapped. Brokeback Mountain. Last week we did the flats in a long run – what would they do today? We walked to the run start, and tempted Semen Soars with another go at the balance beam. He didn’t and we set off with similar instructions to the previous week. We went along the edge of the lake and unsurprisingly found the first check at the end. Semen Soars followed me in the wrong direction and it was Humperdick that called us back and we went across the football field.

Skiddy somehow got ahead and we set off along the long trail around the field – a dutiful ‘number’ circle check at the end and we were along the bottom of the mountain with HRA taking charge. As the lead runner you’d expect him to look for powder or skiddy sticks, but no, he just kept running. Mr. Poo, being the smarter of the ‘housemates’ chose an unmarked trail into the hills which happened to be the right way after the skiddy sticks. It wasn’t the last time he out-thought the hares.

That brought the hill. I hate hills. After yesterday’s hill, today was punishment and I puffed my way up, exhausted. HRA as expected chose the trail to nowhere further up the mountain, while everyone else waited for Poo to call us On-On back down the hill. At the bottom the hares had cunningly set a “HRA” check so we regrouped waiting for him to come back. Why wasn’t there a BMY check? On to the flats and I was tempted to shortcut – my legs were feeling it – but Skiddy persuaded me to keep going and I reluctantly did.

As we got back to the fields, the On-In was familiar. Jungle Chim suggested there was no reason to go the long way around the lake – I agreed, and so did Bone Hur. We traipsed in for the circle and the overdue beer! Not 100% sure where my energy has gone – it would have been a great run if I’d had the energy for it!

18th Dec - CH4 - Graven Image, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings