17th December – CSH3 – Jungle Chim

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So we were to run ‘in’ Huay Tung Thao? The signs were sparse, but I trusted Jungle enough to pay my 20B and go into the reservoir – and finally we had signs to the back of the lake. I had troubles getting there early so hash cashing was a bit of a pain, but as the Songthaew was late, we got things organised and weren’t too late setting off. Jungle was clearly nervous about the run he and Junglicious had set – with a Wimp out option and cautions about using the aqueduct if it got dark. It was ominous and spurred Brown Finger to sprint up the hill.

Anyway, we set off and quickly ran into a spot where the powder had vanished or been sparingly placed – never mind we found the trail and Humperdick was the FRB. He rejoiced at the top of his voice and urged everyone on to follow him. A couple of Skiddy sticks and we had a group running along the aqueduct – Horny Monkey, Brownfinger, 2 virgins (Megan & Drew) and me – mostly being held up by Horny “A” Monkey.

We hit the Wimp Rambo split and HM the GM stood pleading us to join him on the wimp run – perhaps he was scared to do it alone? Perhaps he was worried about his virgins? Either way he was a wimp and left us to head up the hill. Brown Finger suggested we weren’t putting enough effort in and pranced away from us (fantastically he got the next V check wrong and it brought him back to earth.

JJ had told us about the V checks, and the circle checks, but he hadn’t told us about the invisible checks… Several times we ran to a junction, with no powder, but had to find powder further up or down the trail. That brought a group back together as we got to the waterfall and headed down. Once again Humperdick was the FRB, and he rejoiced letting us all know he was leading the way! Screw that – I skipped past him and we plunged down to the circle check that crossed the waterfall. Apparently I led the poor virgins across a treacherous section that had Mr. Poo hoping that male virgin would die so he could save female virgin. Yes – she was fit, more so when she took her top off in the circle! But I’m distracted… sunglasses…, trail…, top off…, mmmm…. where was I? Ah yes, we got to the weaving trails at the bottom and most people ran around in circles for a while. Square Rooter and Toe Sucker short cutted and eventually led the confused FRBs home. Others weren’t so lucky and spent a deal of time running around in circles.

I can only remember one thing about the circle, but I may have already mentioned it…

17th December - CSH3 - Jungle Chim, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings