10th December – CSH3 – Pamela

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A moonlight run – sounds interesting! Belly Dancer sets these regularly, but without any warnings, and without any moonlight, so hopefully with the experience of Pamela it would be a good experience? Hash Cash duties in order, flashlight in hand, hare brief over, time to set off. Like a rocket BD flew past me – straight out of hospital and he’s back to his normal strategy of sprinting to get the first check wrong.

We headed into the hills, and leading the trail was a bit tricky – managing a torch to check where I was putting my feet AND look for powder was a challenge, but we still managed to keep a good pace. HRA & Graven were scampering along on my heels, but neither keen to take over the lead – happy to follow in my tracks, until a “V” check that I didn’t spot until too late, and they confidently scampered off to the right. I reluctantly chose left, but enjoyed a quiet smile to myself when I heard faint “Check-back” calls from behind me. The trail was good, wide enough to run on and lit well enough that I could keep jogging along. Nailed the next check and I was in the dark, alone, with no responses to my calls.

Finally I heard HRA coming along behind, and he passed me as I finally got a check wrong. We hit the fence at the Night Safari, and the hare had put a V check. Only a complete idiot would check left as that would take you all the way around the Night Safari… Especially if you had already set a run in the same location (and put a check in the same place) – 25th December 2010 for the record – a CSH3 run set by HRA and Mr. Poo… OK, lets pretend that HRA was disoriented in the dark – he sheepishly came back from his pointless checking!

We headed back down the trail and I was following a returnee who suddenly hit the floor – completely taken out by a barrier blocking the path – invisible in the dark, especially if you choose to go without a torch! I was torn between checking he was ok and laughing as it was one of the best crashes I’ve ever seen! If HRA was racing up front, Graven was equally competitive as he came back from a false trail trying to find out how far HRA was ahead and trying to chase him down. HRA had too much energy and “won” the wings.

The lunar eclipse dominated the circle with Good RA Superman battling with Evil RA Pamela as to whether we’d see it through the clouds. All in all a great – different – hash run! Good Work Pamela!

10th December - CSH3 - Pamela, 7.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings