11th December – CH4 – Brown Finger

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Disclaimer:- The hare’s have bought be beers in the hope of a good write up!

I arrived at the Ag centre to be confronted by 40,000 girl scouts! This is a mixed hash Brown Finger – let’s move the circle a bit away from 1,000 run hill! While waiting for any late comers Semen Soars treated us to a gymnastics display as he balanced on a narrow beam… – and promptly fell on his ass in spectacular fashion! BF fearing any more would injure themselves pre-run let us go and we set off back towards the entrance. I got foxed at the first check – HRA got foxed at the 2nd – each time with SS following closely behind – more than once I pointed out the difference between “Checking” and “Following”…

Anyway, we looped back on ourselves and headed towards the girl scouts before being trapped in a quarry. OK, so we weren’t trapped, and the trail was well marked, but it took me longer than it should have to get out and get back on trail chasing down the front runners. There were “3” and “4” circle checks, and each time we huddled around waiting for numbers, and each time we just missed out on Itchy Bitchy joining us!

In the hare brief BF had told us he’d run it in 35 minutes, and it was about 5km long – BS! Brown Finger doesn’t take 7 mins per kilometer when he doesn’t need to check. And sure enough we turned away from the A and headed towards the steps to Doi Kham temple. WTF? Not even BF is that psycho! HRA and Semen Soars didn’t even bother approaching the steps, just letting me go and find the circle check at the bottom of the stairs. Belly Dancer didn’t even bother leaving the road, and slipped his way ahead again as he trundled down the road.

It was more road and we started to head back. But these hares were devious! There were plenty of great checks that did a great job of keeping us together. Even when we knew where we were and how to get back they managed to mix it up and keep us guessing. A fairly long run and a good 1hr workout – everyone was back within minutes of each other, just the way hashes should be. Followed by a good circle led by BF – he even had some funny splashes to entertain us! Shame about the Gung Ga Ta!

11th December - CH4 - Brown Finger, 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings