5th December – CH3 – Sloppy Rod

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Sloppy stepped up to the plate after the On-Sec didn’t let Humperdick know he was supposed to be the hare, and with 2 days notice, he managed to find and set a great little trail! It was a B to B, which was original for me, although the concept kind of makes sense – apart from the plethora of usable A sites much closer to the “B”! Nonetheless Lung Laa set us free on the run and Brown Finger and I jogged off straight out of the truck. It was a good start, made better by the first check where I lucked out choosing straight at the cross check – only to be thwarted moments later at the circle check.

Nonetheless things were going ok until the genius circle check which had everyone searching until ‘cohare in disguise’ Square Rooter called us back to the trail. Mr. Poo could be heard getting fainter and fainter as he tried to get to Huay Tung Thao, while Brown Finger started checking the same direction more than once using his infinite energy source. I was beat, my legs were feeling the effects of 3 straight hashes, and I had to ease off and walk up the gentle incline – at least I got to enjoy the great trails we were running on – why can’t all hashes be like this?

Brown Finger was unstoppable – literally as he cruised away from everyone and sprinted off to back to the “A” site not caring if anyone could hear him behind. I found myself with Mr. Poo and Square Rooter, and we figured we were at the back, but there was only Graven Image waiting when we got back to the truck. It seemed we had some racist bar stewards in Turkish Delight and Skid Mark as they got lost after the On-In and attempted to do the run twice!

Back at the A, we tucked into some splendid Kaow Soi tucker, courtesy of Skid Mark, before the circle started. Everything was going smoothly – Brown Finger was being duly punished for his numerous misdeeds – and then Sloppy Rod was given the circle to give out the wings… Sloppy doesn’t seem to give many splashes normally, but he had splashes for everyone, and willy’s for most too. The strategy was to put us on ice and then wait for us to commit a faux pas. Order was restored and everyone went home for an early night on the King’s birthday – or did we?

5th December - CH3 - Sloppy Rod, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings