5th/6th November – CSH3 / CH4 – Weekend Madness!

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What a long weekend! It started when I picked Brown Finger & Graven Image up at 9am on Saturday with the job of laying trail for the CSH3. We discussed the plans for the 50km – Suckit’s Sick Run – and then the fact that there was a CH4 outstation on Sunday, but nobody was the hare and nobody had laid trail – it seemed BF had been delegated that. We laid trail for Saturday, grabbed some lunch at the Wang Tarn Resort. BF and I then rented a bike with the intention of throwing some paper around to keep the CH4 runners happy, while saving energy for the 50k. That didn’t work out, so shortly after we recruited GI and set a proper trail – all be it unscouted.

Back at the resort we had time to get changed, pick up some beers before setting off to the A site for the CSH3. So much for a relaxing afternoon at the pool with the massage girls! On-On out on our ‘run of death’. BF and I had set the first half, which meandered through some woods, past some quarries with the highlight being a dead dog exactly 100 paces from a circle check. GI meanwhile set the second half with his friend Tom and explored a graveyard (where Just Cumming’s Dad lived). Incidently we had scouted the run previously, but ended up setting a completely different run. The feedback seemed fairly positive and the circle pleasant.

Back to the resort and the debate about Sunday’s 50km madness raged with a solution eventually being found. A small group set off on Sunday morning and as the day dragged out and got hotter, the field shrunk. Belly Dancer just walked back (at an amazing pace!), I pulled out after about 32km and relied on Jungle Jim to pick me up. BendOver showed up late, but did the first half, while Junglicious sprinted off on the first 12.5km, was sidetracked by lunch with Itchy & Olive Oil, and then jogged back with the guys on the last leg. Suckit completed his age on his farewell run, Brown Finger ran around in circles with seemingly no ill effects, Greasy Gorilla looked in a terrible state when he finally staggered in, while Graven Image was particularly impressive – congrats guys.

There was time for a dip, a few beers, a bit of a rest before the CH4 bus rolled in and we sent them out on yet another run. Belly Dancer tried to mess it up as he sprinted off with no intention of doing the run, just looking for a short cut – but our other lemming hashers chased after him ignoring the fact they weren’t on paper! Finally they regrouped and enjoyed a great vista at the end by crossing the dam. I ran the circle afterwards and although we were weary, we managed a few more beers before bed. A tiring, but fun weekend! On-On!

5th/6th November - CSH3 / CH4 - Weekend Madness!, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings