10th November – CSH3 – Belly’s Loi Kateoy Run

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I woke up this morning feeling like I’d done another 50k run yesterday – and it was supposed to be a Loi Kateoy Bar Crawl! When I finally crawled my way through the traffic and found somewhere to park somewhat near to the Hash Pub, there was already a reasonably sized group getting into the spirit of it with even Chuck Wao posing for the cameras in his bright red wig – it seems it’s ok for him to have his photo taken as a woman, but not as a man – interesting! Something we don’t know?

With a little delay we were ushered outside and told it would be a live hare run with checks etc. I hadn’t done one of these before so had no idea what to expect, but I thought we’d just be doing a bit of a bar crawl? But I’ve learnt with Belly Dancer you have to expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst. And so it was – a strange crowd of cross dressers swarmed out of the hash pub chasing a strange man in pink down to the river whooping and squealing. The first check – outside Pantip Plaza immediately scattered us, but the psychotic hare was taking us towards the river and the crowds of Loi Kratong celebrators.

Over the iron bridge we went like a scene from Monty Python with bemused onlookers taking photos. Bone Hur was the leader eagerly chatting up policemen – asking them where he could find more Katoeys. Brown Finger found some powder and we headed along the river to the Nawarat Bridge. The bridge was crowded and we ran out of trail. Apparently there was a check there somewhere, but nobody saw it. Finally we found the hare supping a beer in his pink Bunny T-shirt in Riverside. Riverside? Seriously? One of the most crowded, upmarket, sophisticated(?) and expensive bars in Chiang Mai! And here we were the center of attention dressed as women. The night could only get better – or could it???

The hare was off again and we gave him his 5 minutes before inside information took us straight through the crowds over Nawarat Bridge. I don’t like crowds at the best of times – perhaps that’s why hashing appeals normally – but dressed in drag it was awkward squeezing through the throng. Straight up Thapae Road things started to clear up and soon we turned right onto the backward street and ducked into back alleys working our way back to the moat and Riva bar. I thought this was going to be a short bar crawl, but this was turning into a real run – no time to get drunk we were too busy running (in sandals).

The third leg was the best – 300m or so straight up to EuroDiner with the 4th leg a loop back around to Next Place. Of course we had to head to Loi Kroh road and there was a quick extra stop at Fish Bar before ending up back at the Hash Pub. Finally I could get out of my dress! A circle? It was nearly midnight, so thankfully it was a brief affair – no idea what anything was about, but I got a T-shirt!

I should have headed home at that point, but Belly had promised us a taster for Saturday’s Lanna Run 00:11, 11/11/11. An all male run, so I figured we’d be heading around the corner to the closest male oriented bar. I never imagined a 3km+ hash run, complete with checks, through the darkness in the early hours of the morning. Local residents must have really appreciated random drunks shouting “On-On” outside their bedroom windows in the small hours! Graven Image was still in his dress trailing behind us moaning, grumbling and groaning. Finally we crawled our way into Greasy’s restaurant. We’d had plenty of time to sober up, so the beer was welcome, but it was cold and late and I had work the next day. No logistics.
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10th November - CSH3 - Belly's Loi Kateoy Run, 5.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings