Sunday 16th October – CH4 – Hollow Legs

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So, after 2 1/2 years of hashing in Chiang Mai, Hollow Legs has finally hared a run! Even if he did put the poor hash cash on the ice for his expenses… Anyway, a reasonable group of runners showed up at the A south on the canal road, and were ready for the hare brief. It seemed that today we would have cross checks (crossed sticks), which were actually circle checks as we know them. We’d also have skiddy sticks, oh and it would be 8km…

Brown Finger set off hard as usual and cruised through the first couple of checks, which concerned Chuck Wao who got into gear from the start. For most of the run we were then trying to keep up as the two of them battled it out. Fortunately for the first half of the run there were plenty of good checks that meant we rotated quickly with everyone taking their turn to get checks right – Semen Soars was on form, Suck It had home field advantage, returning Graven Image took it easy until his GPS keyed into the route and almost virgin Stan left his wife for dead and took it on with the FRBs.

Suck It also left Itchy behind, along with two overweight dogs that ran well for half the run and then collapsed in thirsty exhaustion! One of them had to lie down to take a drink at the end he was so dead. I was going ok for a while, but then lost my way due to the excessive early pace. So I casually sauntered on my own through the great trails. After Belly Dancer’s run last week, we’ve now had 2 great CH4 runs in a row – hopefully this is a trend that can continue?!

Suck It was back to run the circle before off to Humperdick’s Gf’s for the On-On-On… A good, but tough, challenge – at least there were no hills!

Sunday 16th October - CH4 - Hollow Legs, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating