15th October – CSH3 – S&M Girl

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With many hashers off in Luang Prabang for some reason, there was a smaller turn out than usual. We were carted out to a reservoir way out of town. It wasn’t quite an outstation, but it was a long drive. The hare brief was a bizarre re-enactment of S&M’s jungle survival guide – Bear Grylls has nothing on S&M. As well as her usual basket full of mushrooms, she had some how managed to catch a fish!

We set off on the run, with Miss Piggy leading the way and the traditional FRBs following up from behind. We were immediately clambering through the spiders webs on a narrow trail heading up a small hill. On the other side of the rise, there were some lovely trails and we stretched out, until a circle check thwarted everyone for 10 minutes or so – it turned out the trail continued the obvious way – out into the rice paddies. Chuck Wao wasn’t going to be happy as even he couldn’t avoid wet feet. Suck It hit the ground several times across the narrow mud walls.

Once we got through, we hit the road we’d driven in on with the hares waiting on bike to make sure we’d made it. The Wimp Rambo trails rejoined, and then immediately split again. At the next circle, I found the paper on the Wimp, and joined Chuck Wao who had already bailed out in protest. The Rambos must have had an extra arc and shortly everyone was coming in. A well set trail which kept everyone working together. Only Chuckles didn’t enjoy it!

15th October - CSH3 - S&M Girl, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating