9th October – CH4 – Belly Dancer

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The 9/10/11 run… An auspicious date, and Belly Dancer had been preparing for this for months… This in itself should be enough to scare hashers away afterall BD has tried to kill us enough times already! However, hashers are a masochistic type and a larger than usual group showed up for this Happy Hash. How did Belly attract the runners? Bribes (where’s mine?)? Lies? Bribery? or just luck? Who knows. We set off with instructions that we may go round in circles if we didn’t follow the instructions – my plan was to go around in a circle anyway, so I hoped following the instructions would work out as well…

We set off down the road, and then diverted for a quick, random sortie into the sois on the right – cunningly suggesting we might be arcing to the right – we weren’t, and before long we were back on the road. Too much road, but we finally hit a circle check that deceived everyone as surely we couldn’t be going down the obvious trail to the left? Would a simple little gate thwart a hash run? We were back together as a team, cursing the hares and heading to our first little water crossing. Chuck Wao bailed out and detoured south to build a bridge.

Shortly after I clued in on what Belly Dancer had in store – the same paddle that Alice used a couple of months back – genius! I nailed a couple of checks and was back with Nam Rawn at the front and plunged straight into the lake. Naam Rawn and I got across the ‘paddle’ and hid just over the rise. You should have seen their faces when we went back to call “Check Back” with a crowd of hashers waist deep in the water! Great practical joke!

The next circle check got its own back on us – a great check and pretty much everyone who wasn’t short cutting (or Frozen Dick) was back together. Who found it? I don’t know, I was out of it – knackered and screwed, I lost the heart knowing how much further we had to go. Fortunately I jogged along with Bruce and then another couple of virgins. Taking it a bit slower, I enjoyed the great terrain and views. As hash runs go, it was probably one of the best runs I’ve ever been part of. I am still trying to find out who Belly Dancer and Anything paid to set if for them!!!

The circle started with a little song for Anything. Then there were a bunch of great splashes with Anything in particular being on fire! I have no idea what she was talking about, but it was freaking histerical! A diverse group of people taking the circle and things were going well, but perhaps BD had a couple too many celebratory beers and who knows what was going on. Finally things ended, only they didn’t end and we moved on to Greasy & Olive Oil’s place and it took some time before we could move on from there… Overall a great hash day – many thanks!

9th October - CH4 - Belly Dancer, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings