18th October – CUMH3 – Mr. Poo

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Mr. Poo hadn’t been feeling well, so surely he wouldn’t be well enough to set too long a run? I anticipated an easy challenge on the familiar grounds of the Ag. Centre – I didn’t expect a 7km run!

When the bus arrived, and Brown Finger didn’t step off, I celebrated! At least the early pace could be controlled and I wouldn’t be destroyed from the start. I jogged off, along the road, and around the lake – a circle check – but I saw something white at the trees in the distance – hehe I’m off! OnOn! Through the usual trees and we hit the road – paper on the right and a sudden circle on the left… Does he want us to try the trail on the left? I’ll second guess and stay on the road… muahahaha! OnOn! As I got to the corner there was a faint glimpse of a visitor from Denmark behind me – turn left, another circle and woohoo! There it is on the road – OnOn!

Immediately we hit the shit, paddling through muck weaving between trees… No way Chuck Wao is going fast on this – screw the shoes, I’ll press on and voices are getting fainter behind me – OnOn! (Can they hear me?) Finally a V check – toss a coin time – is he taking us up the hill or along the bottom? I guessed the hill and darted left – Check Back! Plenty of time to kick the check out and keep going right. OnOn – there is someone behind me, so I can hear Mr. Poo in my head “Byte My Yahoo… he’s about to fail!” Not today asshole! OnOn – familiar ground, I know where this is – circle check left, circle check right, circle check up a bit and around the house – he’s being sneaky, but I felt like I could read him like a book!

He put a circle check where in the past there has been a pile of festering waste – tricky one, but I’m second guessing it’s back to the road here? Blimey! There is the paper – this is unbelievable! Keep going – something will go wrong soon, or Chuck Wao will come running up behind me moaning and grumbling about something – OnOn! Back on the road, surely he’ll just take us in? NO! More to go – all the way around the field… Now for visitors, this could be a trick, but knowing exactly where I was, I knew where I had to go… Poo had set some dodgy circle checks just off the trail to the left – but they were no-brainers! It was all the way around the field and back down to the road. Before I hit the road, Skid Mark and Nicolas strolled across as if it was a Sunday afternoon ramble – Short Cutting bastards – no way they are taking me today – time to accelerate! Another circle check – perfect record so far, and can I spot a white spot straight on the trail? YES! OnOn! No more tricks it is on in to the beer!

WTF??? I’ve been pushing it all along to stay ahead of Chuck Wao, and who is waiting for me by the truck? CW! The bastard didn’t even tackle the first water, he just wimped out back to the bus! Everything was hollow, but screw it – the beer tasted good and I had certainly got a great work out. The perfect hash? Today for me – almost! Cheers Poo!

18th October - CUMH3 - Mr. Poo, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating