22nd October – CSH3 – Big Top & Foxy Cleopatra

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I was one of the first to get to the run site, but it quickly filled up with a large crowd of eager hashers. Big Top & Foxy were stood proudly atop their markings ready to give the hare brief. Superman called everyone to order and gave us all the terrible news. Yes it was a disaster and we stood in shocked silence for a while trying to come to terms with what had just happened. It wasn’t the floods in Bangkok, the death of Gaddafi or the state of the world banking system – much worse, it was revealed that we were at the last resort, the bottom of the barrel and Dick Tracy would be stepping in to be the acting GM. My car was blocked in, we were all trapped, forced to come to terms with the impending disaster.

The hare brief was called, and then delayed by Belly Dancer who had a queue of hashers demanding refunds. Apparently there was something said about Green Fairies, but I had an urge to visit the bathroom and missed the hare brief. My gut savagely rejecting the situation, we set off along the road, and almost immediately headed up. It’s Huay Tung Thao, where else could we go from here?

Skiddy took a slide as we crossed the waterfall – taking with him the bamboo fencing to make sure anyone who followed would have nothing to grab hold of. I was off the pace and the FRBs must have been cruising, and forgetting to kick circles out – over the ridge and the paper ran out until Square Rooter told us where to go – he knows every inch of the hills and had no real need for paper, being tuned in to the hare’s consciousness at a completely different level.

We plunged back down the hill towards the canal and finally regrouped at the circle check there. Not sure why, the trail continued in the most obvious direction and Mr. Poo was ahead trying to escape the pack with Junglicious. For some reason she was hot on his heels and didn’t see a need to check anywhere else. On-In and we were back on concrete around the lake. Some clown tried to out run me at the finish, but the beer was calling me home.

Time for Dick Tracy! To be fair running such a large circle can’t be easy, so he did a good job (did I just say that?). Not sure what went on, but I didn’t fall asleep! On-On!

22nd October - CSH3 - Big Top & Foxy Cleopatra, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating