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24th June – CSH3 – Pamela

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We drove to the edge of eternity… and where I say we, I mean my chauffeur drove me – damn it is nice having someone drive for you! The runsite looked a bit different from last time we were here. Hare brief said wimp rambo split, but then ended with a further wimp option? According to the hares it was a “wimp” and “wimper”, but sounded like there was a “wimpiest” too? Not sure any of the trails deserved to be called ‘wimp’ – get off the couch and come for some exercise and you aren’t a wimp.

We weren’t 100% sure as we set off – down to the road and turn right… which road? Finally after a few hundred metres we saw paper, and promptly a circle check. A visitor from Myanmar was enthusiastic at the front, double checking the “rules” for this hash. He tagged the most obvious option, so CW and I made the most feeble effort of checking in hash history as we stood around the corner waiting for the call. Luckily the check was short, and we quickly caught up.

Second check, and I was wrong. Right and wrong is mostly a boolean distinction – either right or wrong… it doesn’t really allow for how wrong someone might be… At this point my hash mixed up with some dogs as I checked left (and wrong). I didn’t hear any calls, just yapping and barking. My road seemed to be bending around to the right, towards where the other options were, so I went much further than I should have before turning back. When I saw the circle again, it was kicked out, and I was way, way behind. Way, way behind…

I jogged on for a while and it was sometime before I finally saw Shagless ahead. And then No Hope. Eventually I met the foragers who made little disguise about their main reason for heading out on trail. The trail broke right and narrowed as I joined a pack of walkers, dropping down into a gully before climbing steeply back out. The trail was headed to the right, but nothing certain yet. Pretty sure we could have stayed on trail, headed to the next junction and turned right, but hashers can’t object to some shiggy!

Finally free and able to run I found myself following Cumalot, always a pleasure! At last we were running through the jungle like free spirits, or perhaps she was just running away from me and I was chasing her through the forest like some pervert. There was paper, we were running… there was no paper, we were still running… it was joyous! And then we realised we weren’t on paper and we were alone in the jungle with nobody nearby…. So we did what any normal person would do and carried on another 20m or so and found paper again.

It was paper, but took some deciphering. We knew we weren’t at the front, but weren’t sure what was happening. I went backwards for a while and found the arrows marking the W/R rejoin – We hadn’t even got to the W/R split! I turned back and Does Nothing & Mr PP had left Cumalot alone in the forest. There was the option to just head back, but I suggested doing the right thing so now Cumalot was chasing me through the forest! Should I let her catch me?

We caught Sups & SB as they hand in hand took the W option. We jogged steadily on the R route, and caught up with Poo, and then No Hope (again). Poo reassured us he was fine, he was just taking it steady… More on Poo later… We had no chance of getting back with the group, but I jogged on regardless, catching several groups several times. Richard? was convinced I was doing the run 4 times as I kept passing him – sorry sir, you were just being much more efficient than me! Another little temple on a hill – down the slope around the corner and we were home. Most of us… One found it a bit trickier and Poo in his effort to take it easy came in well after everyone else from the wrong direction – hopefully he recovers quickly enough.

17th June – CSH3 – Alice & Mr. PP

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Yet another Alice run, this time teaming up to help train Mr. PP as a new hare. Alice puts a lot of work in, and lucky for me this time he was out in Doi Saket. Terror Byte wanted to come along today, so we set off a little early to try and find a shelter for a run I’m setting soon. We arrived to find a packed runsite.

Harebrief done we were pointed off as Sups just arrived. I walked off at a brisk pace, trying to warm my legs up. My legs were definitely still feeling the effects from Thursday’s efforts – I tried commanding them to run, but they told me to fuck off. At least today wouldn’t involve much in the way of hills, but I wasn’t feeling overly confident! Obscene and a visitor ran off and then stopped to take photos at the first check. I used that to my advantage nailing the small trail off to the right. Another check, and this time I wasn’t quite right, but it was easy enough to hack through the trees to paper. Obscene was running hard, and putting us all to shame.

Out to the canal, and the pack were lured to cross the canal. I’d seen Alice’s photos posted from scouting on facebook, and he had put some clear / obvious ones from the other side of the canal… I second guessed his double bluff and headed up the road to the left. Sure enough there was paper – not on the road, but just to the side of the road. Another check and I got there a bit ahead of HRA. I went left, knowing there were limited trails if we carried on straight. I was wrong, and found myself chasing back again. Fortunately just ahead HRA couldn’t spot paper as it switched from left to right of the road, and we regrouped to some extent. We turned into an abandoned moobaan, and another circle on the road.

Obscene again nailed it, but I’m not 100% sure we were correct. The trail was “suspicious”, randomly appearing in shiggy avoiding the roads? It turned up and to the edge of a quarry, with another circle check. From here it could have been back to the road – there were plenty of options. The first choice would be right along the side of the quarry, and NOYB & Sloppy took that option. Obscene was poking around in the quarry. Sex Pistol headed after him. CW and I stood debating our options, after watching NOYB go well past 100m. We started heading into the quarry as well, and after a while finally heard NOYB calling us on. WTF? It couldn’t be? He had gone probably 200m before he found trail coming in from the side – he must have known he wasn’t right, but was too lazy to go back and do it properly. When we caught up, we knew something was wrong, but a decent sized group were already off and running. Problem was, nobody knew where they were running to! There was a V check with potentially 3 different options (as we had all short cut to get to it)… First both ways were called as false trails, then both were called on! Confusion reigned and the pack was completely split up.

I found myself running along with Sex Pistol – her talking about how simple her trail had been on Thursday (Up and down the hill), while my legs were arguing that her trail was nothing like simple! We were on roads through an abandoned Moobaan before randomly hitting shiggy for no good reason but to connect to more road. Out to some rice fields and I knew where I was again. Neat connect and finally a bit of trail. Some confusion ahead, and again I hit the front when they came back presumably from a false trail. KO got iced for telling me I was going the wrong way when AGAIN the hares had randomly drifted off trail into trailless shiggy. We got to another quarry and ran along the side of it to another circle check. I was reaching my limits.

CW went straight but didn’t find anything, even though he was right. I went right with Sloppy and found nothing. Nothing was called for a long time, so I did a very, very large arc around hoping to intersect paper at some point. I did, rejoining the pack at a circle. A decent sized pack was still together, so maybe these checks were working as intended? I trailed NOYB for a while, knowing we were closing in on home, and knowing he knew we were closing in on home, and knowing he knew that I knew that we were closing in on home, and knowing that he knew that I knew that he knew we were closing in on home, and knowing he would use whatever he had in his young legs to “win”. A final V check, and with Chuckie wrong to the left, Sex Pistol led the youngster towards the closing part – the only question was where the ONIN might be…

NOYB bursted off after Sexy, but he’d shot his load too soon. I caught both as the trail rounded the corner into the field and with the A buck just a few hundred metres away we were all looking for the ONIN. Feet pounding behind me, NOYB couldn’t resist a giggle as he sprinted past me again – these youngsters who can manage a second spurt so soon after the first! But sadly again, he climaxed too soon and was short lived as he nearly collapsed in despair when there was no ONIN yet, and again the old man managed to slip past and get to the beer first.

10th June – CSH3 – Mr. Poo

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Drove to the end of the canal road looking forward to a Mr. Poo special, only to find that power crazy Knock Out had locked him up in the sauna, stolen his paper and usurped him. The hare brief was heavy on thoughts about Poo, and light on information about the trail! We were pointed off and the run was started. Graven would have hated the first check – within yards from the A site – “Checks are there to bring the pack together”, but this just separated us from the start. I went back through the A, but the hare blocked me. At the next check a kindly monk pointed me in the right direction and we headed for the forest.

At the corner of the wall, I turned left, expecting from this runsite to use more of the forest behind the temple, and was surprised how slow it was called. I was wrong, and back at the back of the pack. Hash style! I picked a casual pace as I tried to get back into the pack. At the next few checks I got to the check as they were called, so could just focus on following the FRBs. Then there was a call to the right and I decided to try and chase down Spitz Spunk and his virgin. It was gently downhill, but they were putting some pace in – even though the virgin was carrying a complete survival pack – probably 30kg, tent? overnight kit? WTF?!

At the next check Spitz was spitting, but the virgin was full of energy. Luckily for CW and I, the harebrief had given no clues about hash etiquette, so the pair of them headed straight on for some alone time in the forest. We turned left and sure enough found paper. Another check and I went right, sending CW left… As soon as I’d past the check I regretted my decision – left there brings in more possibilities. Nonetheless, I found paper, and found myself at the front of the pack. Sloppy not far behind and Turkish in the mix too. From here I nailed a bunch of checks. HRA must have been there too as I remember him saying he wanted to check the way I went. I kept the pace steady.

Things were going ok, and I got to a check with Sloppy and rucksack boy right behind. It was a 95% right for me, but noted a new fence erected further blocking our hashing options. I jogged down to the next junction and on paper was joined by rucksack boy. Bear in mind the guy is carrying 30k plus – this isn’t the same league as Sheep Shagger’s rock foraging and it isn’t the same as Pigshit’s crazy back strengthening regime, this is 30kg for the sake of it. “I like punishment” he says…

It was 50/50… Probably we were on roads from here, but there was a chance of some trail if it went right. I sent him left, and went right. I checked 100m+ and then around to the right – nothing… and then around to the left… nothing…. HRA was sure it must be there somewhere… I turned back as there was no call from the left, only to see rucksack boy! I said “Didn’t you check the other way?”, he said “Yes!”, I said “Did you find paper?”, he said “Yes!”, I said, “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!” but I may have used more expletives. It was about then that Sloppy called from several hundred meters away. I was way back, way, way back. I was so tempted to just cut down to the trail, but took my punishment and grumbled my way back to the check and rucksack boy just sprinted off.

It was pretty flat, and pretty obvious from here, we just had to get back, but I was too far back to get back into it. Within moments of getting back to the A bucket, the circle was being called… In case of rain? Well where was the shelter?! Thanks KO for stepping up and filling in for Poo. The run was a good workout, with checks that kept the pack turning over – and a couple of checks that foxed me.

3rd June – CSH3 – Shagless & DGI

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The runsite was south beyond the known limits of humankind! I woke up thinking I probably wouldn’t bother, but when Sloppy offered me a ride, I figured I may as well go – it was Chuckie’s 400th run afterall! We set off early, dropping Sloppy’s shoes off and picking CW up before heading south. In a year, when the road is complete, it won’t be so bad, but it took a good hour and a half to get there!

The songthaew was of course late, just a little, and we were off just after the usual start. I jogged off and promptly went wrong at the first check. I checked too far, but by the time I got back to check we were no closer to solving it. WTH? All the pack were milling around – surely everything had been checked? I spotted Sheep Shagger in the field, just past some “scary” cows, pointing at something on the ground – JC headed towards him, and so did I. Sure enough he’d forgotten the words “ONON”, and finally we were off. I caught them up at the next check, and there was the hare on his bike. Hmmmm… I checked towards the hare, and spotted a road the arced around – I wasn’t on, but had a feeling I would be soon! Sure enough I ran into another circle, called it, and then tried to find the right way to get to it. From here the obvious way was over a concrete bridge? weir? I went over, and poked around for a bit, but found nothing. Going back the pack was converging, and the hare came along and hinted that maybe I hadn’t quite looked hard enough – I was back over the water, and this time got it, with Spitz Spunk hot on my tail.

We had a stretch through some dried out rice fields, which was quite tough going – it wasn’t easy to find the right pace as with every step your ankles got turned in different directions – walking was fine, but any kind of jog wasn’t easy. Sloppy got a lead, but it only lasted for 1 circle, before HRA took the front. The checks came quick and fast, and several times we went from circle to circle with the pack rotating nicely through a little village. Sheep Shagger egging me on with some short sprints. Clearly we were rotating right, and at some point we would have to cross the water again. Sloppy was leading again for a bit, and then HRA back at the front. Chuckie seemed to be constantly just off the front. I was working hard and finally got my break through an orchard. Finally I put together a sequence of checks and was trotting down a lane with CW not far behind.

The trail turned back into the uneven dried up rice fields, and with my knee / ankle history, I had to slow down. CW caught me up and we discussed the “obstacle” mentioned in the harebrief – clearly it was something to get us back across the water – if it was a balance obstacle, then I was fucked… if it was a wet feet obstacle, then CW was fucked! He slipped past, and after a longer stretch without checks, Sloppy appeared on my shoulder apparently with little regard for his ankles – he was in it to win it! He passed me at the beer stop. CW grabbed a beer and kept going, I grabbed a beer, and Sloppy just ran off – seriously? since when has Sloppy turned down free beer?!? It was a V check, but Shagless made it easy for me as CW & Sloppy were already heading in the right direction. I followed as other hashers were arriving and got to another circle by a rickety bridge.

CW had crossed the bridge and turned left. Sloppy had stayed this side of the water. I didn’t like the look of the bridge, but I knew home was the other side of the water and it looked as good an option as any. I gingerly edged my way across clinging to the metal handrails. As I got to the other side, CW was coming back from the left, but there was another fork, and he tried that one instead. He’d found a hash sign for the ONONON and was convinced. I made it across the bridge and headed to the right. Sheep Shagger almost caught me up as I finally hit paper…! I’d been going steady for a while, so I still had something in my legs. I made the call and ran!

One more check…. a V check… and when I hit it, it really was a 50/50. Damnit! I didn’t have enough time to be wrong. The mud trail to the left looked tempting – I took 2 steps that way, and then stuck with the road. Around a corner and I could see paper into the distance. Run Forest Run! Poor Sheep Shagger had no choice but to take care of my discarded trail, and so when it straightened out, and when I looked over my shoulder it was Chuckie trudging along behind. A final corner and there was the ONIN. Sorry Sloppy you didn’t get your “triple win”!

27th May – CSH3 – Turkish Delight

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(By Alice)

Turkey Trot
Turkey laid a real turkey of a run for the Sat crowd, swelled as it was by the raucous rabble from Hamersley H3 in North Perth.
His run was mostly flat and sometimes wet, winding in and out of fields, tips and sticking in the main to gravel tracks.
The set was not without challenge. He didn’t take his hat as it was overcast and only one bottle of water would suffice. D’oh! Spectacularly wrong on both counts!
After a sneaky False Trail into the forest we turned left thru some official looking property and wiggled thru back paths to a wet field. Turkey was excited at the prospect of hashers sinking knee deep into wet boggy ground covered with thick grass. Remember that people!
The next set of circles were a f up. The hare appeared and angrily ordered Obscene back and to the right. While the pack was gone, TD laid paper from the same junction away in a different direction. Not great when you run a box, find a FT and know it can’t be that way because there was a circle check exactly there 5 minutes ago and no paper down the path towards the Ag Centre. Well there ffff was now and a sheepish hare standing by.
The trail turned into a wide track with overgrown field to left and wall to right. FRBs were coming back towards me complaining of a water hazard. ChackWao in particular was mumbling about not wanting to get his 900 THB trainers wet. I pushed on and yes there was a lake in the way. Luckily it wasn’t as deep as knee but it was ankle in some spots – and the shoes and feet got soaked.
Poo, BH, Knockout and Obscene were in the van with Sex Pistol going like Phar Lap out front. ChackWao rejoined us having avoided the lake but added yardage to his run he claimed.
At a check, Obscene went over 300m apparently to find paper and save us an extra 1.5km, much to the hare’s disgust. His loud shouts brought the pack on and we ran round a lake to a bastard gate covered in barbed wire. Obscene jumped it and incredibly HRA went at it, despite the sane among us finding a gap in the wire through the bushes 3m to the right.
A FT right and then a longish haul straight back to the A. The harassed hare appearing yet again on trail to fix paper and possibly put an On In after the FRBs had passed naturally.
Hamersley boys enlivened a circle well conducted by Knockout with Poo assistance. The arms and the plank reappeared and dear ChackWao brought the old fish pond for proper ice bath punishments and a good time was had by all not sat in it!
Quote of the day: I like a hash run to be crazy, not perfect run like some hashers want. You guessed it – the Turk strikes again!

21st May – CSH3 – KO & Superbitch

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Pamela’s 700th run… 700 is a serious commitment and deserves serious recognition! Congrats Pamela – Geisha will follow in a few weeks!

The birthday hares teamed up and we were running from near the football field in Sameong… – Near the football field had me intrigued – 100m before the football field? So we could be away from the excellent shelter in case it rained? So we could be closer to the loud music during the circle? At least we were closer to the excellent ononon buffet sponsored by the hares – thanks!

Sloppy Rod gave me a ride to the run, and we arrived just in time for the hare brief, although I didn’t pay much attention. We were set off along the road, and a circle had me circle guarding. A few comments about why I wasn’t out checking, but today I was conserving efforts – a 10k treadmill session in the afternoon nearly left me on the sofa! Why were they so slow checking? Finally it was called in the direction I would have gone and we were heading towards the familiar hills – this A site handcuffs the hares to some extent – at least we weren’t going up the steps…

Another couple of checks, and I was kicking them all out! Trotted along with Piggy for a while – he seemed to be conserving energies too. Turkish was walking… To be fair it was FUCKING hot! we followed the rubber wall (which now doesn’t have rubber), and a cross check. The trail headed uphill… Ack… It’s hot – do I really need to climb this hill again? Having not paid attention to the harebrief, I was told on trail that there was a beerstop. Fuckit, the beer up the hill is closer than the beer back at the A. It was a steep climb but a great spot for a beer check.

CW must have sprinted through, while the rest of us enjoyed the view and the beer. I got there with Spits Spunk, and newly named ‘On her knees’. A beer… A nice view… fuck me it’s hot… I was a tad unwell, and Piggy correctly punished me for it later! Time to head back for a beer at the A, and I made my own route. Definitely needed more than one shower when I got back. Hot season is kicking in!

Happy Birthday hares – thanks for the run, a different loop!

13th May – CSH3 – Taste My Buns & Alice

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When I got up the pollution levels were still in the “yellow” range, so when they were still there at 2, I ruled out hashing and jumped on the treadmill instead. 10km later, and the pollution was still yellow, so I grabbed a beer and settled down for an evening at home. By chance I checked the PM levels again at 4, and they turned green. I was tired, so laid down on the sofa for half hour pondering whether to go or not. Finally dragged my ass out and got to the run site around 15 minutes late. It is always interesting doing a hash run differently, so when Lunglaa pointed the direction I wondered if I would see any hashers at all!

It was the standard ON OUT. I’d forgotten my watch, I’d forgotten my phone strap, and for some reason couldn’t get my phone to connect to GPS. I quickly saw TMB walking back towards me – she’d just set the ONIN, and scoldingly told me to ignore it and gave me a hint where the trail started. It would take some pretty amazing checks to let me catch up, and my legs were struggling to warm up again. My progress was hampered further at the next circle, when I couldn’t quite figure out how it had been kicked out. It seemed to be to the left, but after 100m there was no paper, so I went back, and spotted another small square that was more to the right, so I followed that one 100m or so, again nothing. I know all these trails join up a bit further on, but do I really want to gamble when I can’t hear anyone calling? I went back again, and this time found the trail heading straight up the hill along a smaller trail – they trails would have come together if I’d just carried on in the first place – not to worry, I wasn’t in a hurry. I was starting to feel for the hashers that have to follow the FRBs figuring out the checks again.

The trail headed up the main trail into the hills, and a flash of colour ahead, as I rounded the corner I saw a trio of harriettes! Was I already back in the pack? Nope, they were heading back towards me presumably finished with their foraging! I pressed on, but I knew I wasn’t going that fast. The trail headed right at another circle – another familiar trail that had me trying to guess how they would get back to the OnIn – looked like a fairly short run around the edge of the valley, I can do this! And then a nice check, where the trail turned abruptly left, and up. Bugger! This looks like we are going over the hill – Belly has done this before…

I was so tempted to peel off to the right… Nobody would know, nobody would care…. But without a working GPS, it wouldn’t be easy to figure out how far I’d gone. I pressed on, and it wasn’t long before I spotted Sheep Shagger and Happy Ending, carrying objects which are probably better described as boulders than rocks! That must make hashing harder! It was still up hill, so I took my time. I got to the “top” – it isn’t the top, but the trail has a clear left or right option. Last time I was here I gambled right, and lost a lot of time, this time, it had to be right both because I knew where the ONIN was, but also the paper was torn in that direction. Here Stumbling Dyke & a visitor jumped out of my way as if they thought they would be blocking an FRB – hah! It was downhill though, so I managed to get a bit of a jog going.

I came out into the valley the other side, past some small farmhouses. I was down to a walk, but then there was a straight stretch so I could see quite a way ahead, and there was Cumalot! A target! A reason to jog, something to work towards. I jogged as best I could on tired legs and slowly cut the distance, and as I did, I spotted another hasher just ahead of her. Finally I got close enough to have a chat, but then I found I was going backwards again – did she speed up? did I slow down? Damnit I was tired! And hot! Geez, I started noticing the heat. Running in aircon is easier!

The trail was good – a nice route, but the challenge was getting the better of me. It’s been a while since we did that route, but the only thing running through my mind was how they would get us back to the ONIN – even the shortest route involved another hill climb around the back of the mental asylum. I had set off determined to do the whole trail, but my body was sending me a clear message. When the trail hit the road, I knew where I was, and I knew where I was going. I was going back down the road. I saw Shagless and Pigshit walking back from a false trail, that hadn’t been marked well enough. Next time the trail hit the road, there was Cumalot again – I wished her well on the hill – she took a closer look a the direction the trail was headed, and promptly fell in behind me to short cut along the road. At the end I was spent…

The cohare (thesaurus boy) has given me a selection of words to include in the write up…. So here are somethings that nobody said about the run “sublime”, “sensational”, “insouciant”, “masterful”, “majestic” and “melifluous” (sic)! I guess we could say that KO was mellifluous in the circle, and she showed a degree of insouciance about the late return of a visiting hasher! At the Yummy Pizza ONONON, the thunderstorm and lightning was pretty majestic, sublime and sensational, while this write up is pretty masterful! 😉

6th May – CSH3 – Does Nothing

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Does Nothing stepped up to the plate to set a sensible challenge down the ‘6.3km road’ without naming it Ob Khan Rd. The sign at the turn had disappeared and there were no further signs til the Hex Shelter A bucket.
Oh uh. Hashers in a fainkle, slight panic stations..
Welcome two couples from Wan Chai H3 in HK, Tinbits and Spinky McHu(ex GM) plus Hopeless with Lost in Translation. All good runners and a nice touch to bring some award patches as gifts.
Luckily Turkey was on form so four shirts were sold and it was hare brief time.
White paper strips, circles and Vs ending in FT. Graven wouldn’t approve!
And we were off. Down the road and right towards the lakes. Trail basically followed the property in an anti cw direction with a loop right into the burnt woods. Would the hare take us further in and over the hills cw home? No! But he tried to find a trail that way when he scouted apparently. So we bashed on through the bare forest until we came out on a steep but wide path back out onto the main trail the other side, visitors leading the way plus LJO and TMB, fresh from the dentist’s soft voice and sensitive fingers. Mmm.
Back on the path, heading left towards OK Rd, DN tricked the FRBs with a sneaky thru the barb wire fence left turn that everyone missed due to sun and marking right side of trail previously. TNB screamed at Poo to stop and look but he was hard of hearing and came on. So she yelled louder and he ignored her more. A perfect couple.
Suddenly I was second behind LJO. We piled thru the wire and followed trail back to the junction where we’d come in originally. Apart from me, now mid pack, who checked left at the last circle, up and wrongly.
A decent 4.5km of nice trail well set. Good job hare and also new GM Knockout. A good start to your reign.

29th April – CSH3 – AGMU – Chuck Wao & Knock Out

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16th April – CSH3 – Pussy Whisperer

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Welcome to the Chiang Mai Sunday Hash House Harriers (CSH3) – to avoid the songkran traffic a select group of hashers decided to run on Sunday. Missing out on church, Pussy Whisperer set the run with Blows Herself helping. I decided to head along late – it was Maejo afterall (although the website had removed the directions, I did check an email to make sure). Honestly driving to Maejo, I wasn’t sure if I would find hash signs or just head home again, but sure enough the group gathered by the small shelter on the way to the Tiger’s Head.

A small group, that was swelled slightly by the arrival of the Leaky Faucet clan as we set off on the run. The air did seem clearer, but it wasn’t long before I could taste the smoke, and I started questioning why I was there. The pollution is getting better, but my cough has come back again tonight… The first few checks were fun, and I was mostly near the trail for quite a while. The Maejo forest has such a network of trails that all interweave, and when Brownie and I got one wrong, it didn’t worry us, we looked at the old paper, carried on and found the Wimp trail, and then before you knew it we were back on trail. A couple of times I paralleled, indeed I spent most of the run, close to the trail…

That trail was devilishly sneaky – seriously good job from too fairly inexperienced hares – who taught you? V checks in the right places, and the checks had us all unsure – really good job. I got a lot wrong, and then a bit right, but the zig zags were devilishly good – I would be proud of that set! Finally I got one check so wrong the by the time it was called I was hacking my way up the wrong hill surrounded by shiggy. I assessed my options and none were good so I hacked my way in the general direction of the calls, only to find my way blocked by a couple of ravines. Navigating around I got to the wimp trail, went backwards and got to the split following most of the pack by now. Some more zigs and zags.

Finally I knew the trail had to head up the ridge line – there was no avoiding it (or was there?) The trail turned left, I turned right, and after 40m or so I paused, contemplating… I was tired, my lungs felt smokey, I knew the trail had to go up the hill, I knew I was recovering from 10+ days sickness after my last pollution run. Behind me Blows Herself called out wondering where I was going – was she lost on her own trail?

I opted to head back, and as soon as I found trail again, (cutting out a zig, or a zag), I found Leaky Faucet with a confused family. The hare brief had been precise, but no use if you missed it. They were very grateful to follow me back to trail. I avoided the hill, but promptly got the next couple of checks wrong, so got further behind anyway. Damn those hares cut it close with that trail. Very nicely done, but very risky too. The real FRBs came charging past as I walked my way back for a beer.