24th November – CSH3 – Blows Herself & Knockout

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I was planning to go for a run out in San Kampaeng anyway, so when KO promised a longer run, I figured I would give it a go. I even took along a virgin who’s comment after was that she expected more running, and less standing around at checks! Erm…… ok!

Today seemed hot, so we debated just jumping in the pool at Ban Pong instead, but dutifully set off for the run. After getting the first check wrong I was following the hare on her trail, and pondered why she suddenly stopped while the trail crossed the canal. Moments later a circle check was called ahead, so obviously we were back this side of the canal, and it wasn’t long before I ducked down a trail and was back on paper. Another check had Sloppy following me, as there really wasn’t any other way to go. We hit the road, and again Sloppy followed me to the right… – I confess, having driven to Ban Pong before the run, I did have some inside information here, so I was off and going well. So well, that I didn’t bother going to the next check, I just continued on trail.

Poo caught up, overtook and then slowed as we both ran into a false trail. Damnit! There was a decent pack back together, and after a couple of twists, somehow Poo got back to the front and led HRA for a while as every check went straight into the guts of the mountain. Finally it wasn’t straight on, and it didn’t surprise me to see Sloppy heading up to the right (go left here and it would be a very long run into Ban Pong valley). Sloppy took over the lead and I followed him along one of my favourite “hidden” trails. There was a check that forced me back a little, but soon enough we emerged at the shelter on the ridge. Sloppy was playing games with the pack – he knew as well as I did where the trail was going to go, but he let them catch up to force someone to go up the hill. As soon as he called circle check, I peeled off to the right and chased after him as he sprinted towards the stairs. I passed HRA on the stairs, and found Sloppy waiting for me at the bottom – I told him I was going straight whatever he did, and so we jogged out through usual way out. I did follow him at another check, but then past him at another Wimp Rambo split.

Set off down the hill, I ran into another FT. Damnit! There was such an obvious trail back to the right, but that just goes down to where the Wimps had already gone. I set off back along the trail, and when people saw me with the FT, they took off down the wrong side. I lucked out and managed to stay ahead with only a couple more checks to nail before getting to the Beer! A great first half!

Setting off on the 2nd part, we were near the regular lake by the entrance to Alpine golf course – a circle check and perhaps my virgin didn’t call loudly enough when she found trail – meanwhile HRA & Brownie found some powder from one of Cartoon’s runs and added a lap of the lake to their experience! Meanwhile Cartoon who lives around the corner found a nice shortcut for himself. Suckit & I followed Heather up past the temple, onto an area that had no trails and once Sloppy had finished his beer he caught up. It was a messy scramble, until we got down to trails again. From here we had to navigate past some cows, along the tarmac and then through some rough freshly harvested rice fields. The first half was much better, but a great effort overall!