8th November – CH4 – Jungle Jim

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A peaceful day workwise led me down towards Lamphun. We’d been given GPS co-ords, so I had company from google as I drove down – she got me there even though there were no signs, and it turned out to be a lot quicker to get to than I expected! So I was early, and tried to take a nap in the car for a bit till the hares showed up.

I had no idea where I was, which meant there would be no home field advantage. After a late, long hare brief, we set off. My brain has been switched off all day, and it didn’t reboot as we got running – I quickly lost all sense of direction. Fortunately there was a decent pack to do most of the checks, and I just trundled around off the back of the front group. A couple of times I set off to help check, but each time I was wrong.

The hares had done a good job of twisting the trail around and CW repeatedly overtook me, each time tallying up the checks he got wrong – all of them was the end result – except for near the end when Graven gave him some inside information to let him “win”! Graven is recovering from a hernia, so only walked around slowly – nonetheless a FT check after halfway had the pack confused until Graven solved it.

Good set – particularly if you were a midget that didn’t need to worry about bending under the orchard trees, but also had long jump skills to leap over the ditches!