7th April – CSH3 – Alice & Shrek

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Alice and Shrek, but it seemed Shrek had disowned it and didn’t want to show up… I had to collect the money, so headed out early, only to get halfway to the runsite and realise I’d forgotten shoes again… – I couldn’t deal with the forthcoming shame, so turned back to get them. The weather was great – clear skies, but a stormy cool to it. We didn’t get any rain, but it was great conditions to run in.

I missed most of the harebrief, but we set off and immediately were expected to scramble along the side of the small canal near the Chinese Cemetery. I gambled and went along the road the other side – I knew I would pay for it later, but it was much easier going, so I got to the first check first and spotted something white off to the right. Sure enough it was paper and I was on. Along one side of the cemetery and there was another check – I went forward, just enough to give me a view back to the left, and there was paper. Brownie and Chuckie read my actions and followed me. A fast start to the run. Brownie and Chuckie caught me and overtook – I was content to keep a steady pace trying to avoid doing much work. For a while I managed to hang off the front getting to the checks as they were solved.

We got to the other road by the mainer canal and a false trail had a big group together crossing the road to the otherside. This was a wimp rambo circle split? Interesting… I headed left with the rambos, and shortly after there was a trail to the right with no check – I was suspicious! I dillied, I dallied, and then they seemed to be checking up front, so I ducked into the trail further, knowing that it would join trail pretty soon. Sure enough it did, just as Chuckie was on a false trail to my left. I kept going until I hit a false trail – back tracking I joined Chuckie and Brownie as we crossed the creek. A junction, but no check – ah – there it is, off to the left. I turned sharply right, as did Brownie and Chuckie – us all headed in the same direction, but certainly Chuckie was running with more intent than usual.

Another check, but this had to be right so Chuckie and I set off. He got tripped up by yet another false trail, and I led the way towards the weir crossing with Graven showing up on the scene to take the lead. The air was getting heady with masculinity! I started dropping back as we looped out to the highway, around and back straight past the stinky pig farms. Strangely Anal jogging past telling me about his broken foot as I slowed down. Hopefully we get weather like this more in coming weeks!

7th April - CSH3 - Alice & Shrek, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings