16th Dec – CH3 – Sheep Shagger & Belly Dancer

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By Alice

In organisational theory you may learn about Peter’s Principle whereby people are promoted to positions of incompetence and stay there. Well Sheepy has obviously been doing some study as he demoted Belly Dancer to paper boy and bag carrier, cancelling any executive powers, and the results were highly encouraging.
A new A-site at the white wat above Ban Pong, virgin paths for your scribe and most of the pack, clearly marked trails and cunning enough checks and falsies. What more could you want? Dogshit to get fucked up? Yes, we even had that!
I did worry as both songthaos and Suckit turned off left when signage indicated right on the way in and then again if the red trucks would make the gradient, but all was well.
We even had a visitor Hurdy Gurdy from Japan, Tokyo H3 and he ignored PigShit’s insult on the bus (If I could fff understand you, I’d probably agree with you..) and seemed to enjoy himself.
The takeaway from the stingray shaped run was Shrek’s lunatic determination to run where walking was sensible and see if he could exhaust himself hauling 100Kg + over steep terrain at altitude. Hopefully he’s recovered to live co-hare CH4 run with me in 2 days.
We headed out into the forest and cut leftish at the first check. We seemed to follow a ridge then descend to a road. From here on it was roughly anticlockwise coming back and we knew UP if it wasn’t A-B. Checks were exactly hard enough given the steepness and general age of the pack. False trails caught the FRBs now and again and kept us together.
The haul up,up,up was hard and luckily for Robin Banks his anal vent worked overtime producing rocket propulsion when needed. Not lucky for the rest of us.
Finally after about 4km we reached the out trail high in the forest and followed powder marks jogging back the last stretch to the wat. I had 4.9km total and loved it.
Circle was finely handled by HRA but I didn’t like a few misery guts calling ‘Short circle’ etc. That needs to stop. Especially as they mostly don’t bother making the effort to give splashes and the longer splashes from Shrek and Belly were worthy and well paced.
ONON CH3, quite a change in tempo and feel from Saturday.

16th Dec - CH3 - Sheep Shagger & Belly Dancer, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating