14th Dec – CSH3 – Superman

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By Alice

Superman and his tribe hared a decent 6.6km trail out in the wilds past Prem School for CSH3 1500.

Trail started on fresh concrete and continued on fresh concrete for longer than the pack would forget. Once we got off into the green it was a lovely trail, farms, orchards and a few wide paths. My old hashmate Shut the Chuck Up from Saudi days turned up to add hair, beard and a fantastic Khobar Hash happi coat to proceedings.

Belly was off like a race horse and kept going for far longer than Anything is probably used to. Sloppy and KO with her mate Slow Gin seemed to disappear into the distance and Skiddy with SinBin shook a leg too.

W/R split after a Km and I moseyed along with STCU chatting and exchanging news.
Suddenly there were walkers infront and I realized we’d merged again. By the excellent 1500 On On we had Jersey Steamer for company too coming from a strange direction.

Celebration 1500 t-shirts were a tad smaller than usual Thai sizes but thanks to SM and SB for sponsoring – and HRA for artwork I’m guessing.

Usual circle nonsense – with Shagless and Cartoon the pick of the charges. I cleared off on my bike before the end as I was getting restless. I wish people would stand closer to the ice and not chatter loudly during the circle.

Onon CSH3 and well set Sups and crew. Strangely enough my odometer read 15000 when I left the A site. Cue Twilight Zone theme music.

14th Dec - CSH3 - Superman, 5.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings