18th November – CH3 – Frozen Dick & Graven Image

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Courtesy Alice

Frozen & Rooter then Frozen & Wavy Gravy combined to set a bijoux belter in the wilds, a quarter of the way to Chiang Rai it seemed.
If that’s the price we pay for new trails and a change of scenery, so be it.

Frozen’s camo signs did the job, losing a songthao, admittedly with a sight impaired navigator. More crucially he also lost the beer monster of the day ShSh. No, no, no Frozen, just use proper red on white signs like the big people. Kvetching about research showing yellow on black or black on yellow is the most noticeable tends to pale after telling lost sheep the same for at least 5 years. I saw 3 out of 4 signs so I think I deserve a Browny Point for being super cautious and careful.

Not sure why hares have to bore the pack explaining what our Hash markings are. We know. Encourages smart arses/asses to try to be funny with the same dopey comments week in week out. Talk to the visitors quietly pre-run and point us on our way. Simples.

Not a dig at FD, that’s every hare. FD was succinct but half the pack were disrespectful just sitting there when ‘circle up hare brief’ was called. Not good.

I’m sure all we need to know is, “Follow white strips with the run no. Trail is thataway. Take water. Make me proud.” (Rooter quip)

Anyway Frozen twirled us around in a wonderful circle of forest trails, shade and only one bastard rocky hill with paths scarcely fit for living beings.

Checks kept most FRBs (HRA, Cartoon & EmmaRoyde) honest and recycled the lead constantly. Pussy had started off like a train nailing checks. ABB loitered with intent at the checks and stuck around like a large jobby that refuses to flush. Skiddy and Banksy were well up with the pack throughout with Dutchy enjoying a happy break on a rock half way up the hill climb.

A surprise beer stop in the forest cancelled some braindead splash and once more, refueled and vigorous, up we bashed and down, then up a nasty bamboo grove, around the end of a lake and onto decent red mud path for the run in.

Strangely and self went stride for stride, agreeing to up the tempo after the On In and got called out by ABB for being racist. As if!

Our four Aussie visitors all contributed to the circle: Testicles, Shithead, Arseholeo and A.N.Other. Liked Testicles’ story about naturally his testicles in a bar and Cartoon’s story with the punchline: What good is just fucking one, BOTH of them! Not sure that’ll get past the BBC censors.

Good to hear splashes from Softballs and have Mary Poppins back from Edwardian London. Alice got the wings as the sole CH3er to do the Ball Breaker despite HRA booing and hissing. One more miserable bastard off my Xmas list. Bah Humbug.
Onon CH3!

18th November - CH3 - Frozen Dick & Graven Image, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating