25th Oct – CH4 – Jungle Chim & It’ll Come

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I like running the CH4 on a Friday! Maybe we should do it every week? For working folks like me, it would be a nice way to end the week – at least I don’t have to get up tomorrow! 😀

This was a one off, for good reason, and Jungle Chim’s words to close the circle were excellently timed and very fitting. On In DN!

Back to the run. I wasn’t feeling great after lunch – suffering with stress induced indigestion, that finally led me to get medical advice, and take some drugs. By the time I got to the runsite I was feeling much better. The run directions were along the lines of – it is a shelter in Saraphi that isn’t easy to find, but you should follow the river down, we’ll try and put some signs somewhere, but by the way, the bridge at Baan Tawai is broken. It was a miracle any of us found it!

The hare brief wasn’t brief. There was an ingenious twist, where the Wimp Rambo split would be at a circle check! Inspired! Not only that, the hares told the walkers that they would be able to see trail leading away from the circle if they wanted to do the Walk, otherwise we had to look for the Rambo. Funnily enough, by the time the walkers got to that circle, trail had been laid very clearly leading away from it (onto the Run), and nobody noticed another trail for the walk.

The trail was flat, weaving through some orchards, and apparently we went past a lot of bananas. In the circle the bananas were brought up several times. Perhaps it says something about my state of mind, but I didn’t see any bananas.