30th April – CH3 – Alice

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It was hot and somewhat smoggy in the morning so I set after lunch when it’s still fff hot but less smoggy.

The arrival of TipToe and Frozen driving HRA unaided, suggested signage was spot on although the Sheep Shagger and Turkey acid test may have told another tale.

With shade and a drinks stop it wasn’t too bad as the run was mostly flat apart from a short climb though the woods to an old Turkey trail.

An expected small pack proved again that quality doesn’t equal quantity. Skidmark brought Potato Head for his first CH3 run despite it being his 13th wedding anniversary. Kudos! Two German visitors pushed the Aryan quota and the Balls dynasty limits.

The hare brief was brief. White paper squares, that way, go!

I heard the calling for the first check and also the second as he pack turned left in the forest and came back to cross a dry creek, Tiptoe swinging down on the vines that probably wouldn’t have held Potato Head – with obvious results. Pigshit enjoyed that sideshow.

Up through the orchard and a tricky check at a wide t junction but true trail through the fence and into the forest.

When scouting that trail in the doi, I was convinced we’d not been there until I found compelling evidence that CroMagnum man had left his mark. Yup, Turkish Delight checks from Dec 2016.

The trail turned south and headed for some homesteads out of the forest and a 3 way where right was back to a familiar flooded quarry. So I went straight and brought the pack around to the big posh house on the corner.

Next check was the kicker. It was 30m past the corner and straight looked inviting as Strava proved. Back and across the wooden bridge it was, but Chucky stopped a few metres short and suddenly the pack were rechecking and then checking silly non options. Finally ABB went over Chuck Wao’s footsteps and found paper and it was Onon through the forest after ten minutes pluses ! Here the pack collected the last few million sticker balls I’d left behind and made two turns without checks.

Out overlooking the canal the next check above the new mansion had Cartoon and ABB looking deep in the casava field when it was straight on and down. Pigshit and Chuckwao were first to
the beer stop although the lanky Aussie needed his Seeing Pig to identify Alice, motorbike and beers.

Our German visitors made the most of it. One had two glasses and the other took his glass with him.

Potato Head had been complaining about twisted ankle and this and that. Come on son, your dad can stay home if he wants to get nagged!

The trail blew through the only V and then around a flooded quarry. FRBs traipsing around were watched by sneaky ABB who cut across the top side to rejoin trail.

The final trick was a FT and it actually worked. Cartoon and Chucky came back from the fenced alley saying False Trail.

ABB points left and runs off convinced he’s homewards bound. Wrong!
Half the pack follow the errant Sealhacker while HRA plus German stand and ignore Cartoons cries of OnOn from the right.

Finally ChuckWao returns up the path, finds the gap in the fence 40m from the bar and sees the paper link 10m away. Why anyone would run 100m from trail looking for paper off a FT beats me!

FRBs made it back just over the hour. Frozen had continued along a forest trail beyond check 2 and got thru the big property and back. Tiptoe I’m not sure of as he never made the drinks stop. The small circle was lightly handled by new GM HRA, and this tired hare enjoyed a cider.


30th April - CH3 - Alice, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings