25th April – CH4 – Pigshit & Krap Thai

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It was ANZAC Day, so a couple of Ozzies teamed up out in my backyard Maejo. I’ve not run for weeks… make that months… the pollution, work, etc. The smog had been improving the past few days, but this morning it was still not good, so although I was ready to run, I didn’t expect the storm that cleaned things up mid afternoon. Eitherway, I headed out to Maejo for some much needed exercise.

We set off, but immediately the hares were messing with us – normally we’d hit the forest & hills quickly, but they had us zig zagging on some rarely used trails – nice work! After a KM, we weren’t close to reaching the gate that was just down the road, after 2K we were just approaching the square lake – a regular A-site. The pack was still mostly together, and most of us stood at the corner of the lake watching while Chuckie ran one side, and then another side.. when he started back down the 3rd side, we on mass jogged across the dam to meet him again – cheers for that!

After that I put a bit of a streak together, nailing a few checks, and when I finally got one wrong it was a false trail that I was highly skeptical of. Tasty took the lead and given her level of fitness I wouldn’t have been surprised to not see her again, but it wasn’t long before the lead was rotating as we seemed to do hill repeats up and down the lower part of the hill – undulating – nice word hares!

I locked in on the likely route out – we couldn’t turn left quite yet, and when Tasty and CW did, it was only CW that came back, while Tasty reappeared at the next junction. Cartoon took the lead with a burst of energy. I predicted he’d get the next check right, but the one after wrong – the checks weren’t quite where I expected, but I was right as he took off towards the gate and the way home, while I followed Tasty on true trail to the right.

So on the final part of the trail, I might have detoured… or straight lined… but it was hot, and I’d got some good exercise in. I definitely need more of this to get back in shape – see you next time!

25th April - CH4 - Pigshit & Krap Thai, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating