6th August – CH3 – ABB

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The Abominable one and the Purple apprentice teamed up at shortish notice to set a very decent trot around Frozen Dick’s area.
ABB told me yesterday the run was 10.5km down Canal Rd and in. Well imagine my surprise when the HHH sign on the bridge was at 7! That’ll fcuk over a few I mused. Signs were clearly set but the third or fourth was white letters on dark red background and hard to notice. Lucky I slowed right down at that junction. That’ll fcuk over a few I mused.

Second hasher to arrive was Cartoon. And yes, he’d been fcuked over a couple of times getting there. Shagless on his bike and Frozen Dick showed up too fresh from jet lag and a convivial bonhomie ensued.

The run was about 7, I left my phone in my bag, but ran harder than normal and managed to follow ChuckWao home in just over 45 mins I believe. It was well marked in clear white strips and well placed circle checks. Looked like Purple had taught ABB some new tricks.

The weather was lovely all run and the thick vegetation helped the hares to make some checks tricky. Direction seemed to constantly change and we wove in and out and around properties, quarries, moobaans and orchards on flat, mostly hard dirt trails.

I knew the area well but couldn’t really predict where they’d go. We got twisted around a few times and after about 5km came to a check along a barbed wire fence. This really stumped the pack as the barbed wire wasn’t passable and all other options had been investigated. Eventually ChuckWao wriggles through the 5 strand fence and locates paper in the field. No way could Purple or ABB get through there we all seemed to think alike!

Advising Emma to go straight, I thought we’d find a gap. Wrong. I decided to head straight and turn left when I could as it had to intersect CW’s directional heading. Emma joined me and turning the next corner we saw CW way up ahead as he exited the field. Cartoon was calling us all the bastards in the world as he realised we were competitive but hadn’t messed with the barb wire.

Round to the right around a big quarry and through a gravelly stream bed to a familiar junction. Chucky had already done the last ditch FT and laid paper to indicate true trail. Bless. I pushed hard but he was 100 ahead at the OnOn.

Great to see Piggy on trail again and meet our two pantomime villain Australian visitors from Chiang Rai, Ladyboy aka Rainbow Pussy or something from Perth and Caddy from Northern Tasmania masquerading as rural Victoria. Good runners and keen smokers both. Thankfully they puffed their cancer sticks away from the circle.

Really enjoyed the run and the circle. Byte you missed a good ‘un.

6th August - CH3 - ABB, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings