30th July – CH3 – Alice

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Should have been named comedy of errors run. How tricky is take the bridge at the HHH sign 4.4 km down Canal Rd for male hashers? How tricky is meet at Canal Rd footy field for bunnies? Obviously very. Nice to see Burrito Butt and Geisha Gash anyway!

At least ALL the CH4 SELF drivers made it and good to see Tiptoe on trail again. Alice started them off at 5:10pm with the songthao still halfway to Burma allegedly following Pamela’s old signs 12km down Canal Rd and beyond.

Luckily the rain held off but the hash gods fcuk you up in other ways. Finally around 5:30pm, the songthao arrives from the wrong direction with Does Nothing in the navigator’s seat. Apparently this was an emergency replacement after ABB proved he doesn’t possess the Rooter smarts as front seat eyes and brains for LungLa. Back to being tail gunner for ABB, a position his skillset is more suited to.

The initial pack consisted of ChuckWao, Turkish, Cartoon and Shrek. They swore blood brothers and undying co-operation until one of ’em reverted to type and disappeared about 3.5km into the run as the trail went up the doi for runners and pink lead the walkers down to rejoin trail at a busy junction leading to the rear of Grand Canyon.

Sharing all the work by 3 FRBs is hard yakka and the lads did well to find their way up the doi, left and down. Alice spotted them coming out of the woods left side of Grand Canyon as Purple Fart and Does Nothing were seen high up behind the old quarries at the check behind the Grand Canyon letters.

ABB was the most fleet footed of the second batch and lead the way home for them. Shrek got the challenging check in the middle of the field correct and Alice kicked out the circle and laid paper so CW and Cartoon could catch the flying Dane.

Back at the A, Turkey decided the best form of defence is attack and berated the real FRBs for taking their time and losing him. Right! Short shrift I think describes their response.

Cabbage Patch was followed in on the out trail by the lady owner of the palatial mansion where the first check was set. Who were we, what were we doing? Her hubby even called Poo today. Hashers obviously made an impression. This check was actually unkicked, so Tiptoe turned round early doors as he didn’t fancy facing trail alone if that was going to be the pattern. It seems only two others weren’t dealt with so ten good uns and three left as is. Note to reader: the three False Trails were also pristine so Turkish is well and truly holed below the waterline and sinking fast.

Cartoon had 8.3kn when I was expecting FRBs to have 7 ish. Does Nothing got the wings for 200 runs as CH3 GM and ABB was first to identify the 3 spirit mixes on offer:Sang Som and Coke, GnT and Vodka and Orange Juice.


30th July - CH3 - Alice, 4.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings