23rd July – CH3 – BMY

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Run #1234 was last week, this was now 1235. No doubt all will soon be forgotten. I’m only writing this because someone asked me to. The songthaew showed up in good time, and a team of 3 slumped out – Poo, Does Nothing and ABB. A historic turnout for an almost historic run number, with the ranks swelled by TipToe, Chuck Wao, Dick The Boy Wonder and a late arriving Sloppy Rod. A total of 7 runners set off on Byte’s farewell run, with the most creative excuses coming in from Dentists that only work on Monday’s to needing to take a nap! Don’t worry – I have a thick skin, I can take it!

Relive ‘Afternoon Run’

With so few FRBs I didn’t know what to say in the harebrief – good luck? I mentioned that Sloppy was coming and knew the route and then set them free. I drove around to the beer stop – there should be plenty of time for the beer to get cold – so much time I could have gone for a massage, with a happy ending – but instead I sat at the back of my car and contemplated life. A big thanks to my secret co-hare who motivated me into bothering to set a run. After an hour finally CW came in with Sloppy close behind. It seems that ABB had been getting most of the checks right, but Dick the Boy had also been leading for a while. Both decided they had had enough, grabbing a beer and booking a seat for a ride back to the A.

CW started checking, and Sloppy and Poo followed him for the trip back to the A. The beerstop was about 4km in, and the whole run was 7.1km, – that is if you don’t listen to Sloppy… So, 4 of the pack got beers and sensibly headed back for social drinking, leaving just 3 to continue onwards. I wasn’t concerned as Sloppy was with them, so relaxed back at Ban Pong resort. Until I got a phone call from Poo… With technology assistance, we shared our locations, and he was WAY WAY off trail!!! WTF???

It seems they got to a point where they decided between following paper, or following Sloppy’s memory. And they decided to follow Sloppy’s memory rather than the perfectly good white squares of paper. Sloppy led them astray and extended the run as they scouted some extra hills. When they went back to paper they quickly ran in just before it got dark. A concise circle and then most stayed for dinner at Baanpong.

23rd July - CH3 - BMY, 7.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings