2nd July – CH3 – ABB

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By Emma Royde

The start was at Frozen Dick’s “For Sale” place, the pack having run from there only three weeks ago.
The pack set off at its usual amble to the first check except for the two visitors who unknowingly ran and sucked Mr Poo along in their wake. Reaching the first junction there was no check in sight so the pack broke into a reluctant run. We soon arrived at a check on a hill where every possible route was searched in vain. Eventually Scooby went back down to the road and found trail well in excess of 100m from the check. And that’s in the notes so it must be true. By this time the pack were scattered all over the hill and took some time to get back on trail while Frozen Dick expressed a “Fuck this!” and headed north on a short-cut, ignoring the calls of “onon”.
The run then continued through the woods, along good running trails. And despite another back-check and some non-compliant markings the FRBs were back in under 40 minutes.
A good run and a sensible length. Not that this was repeated in the circle of course.


2nd July - CH3 - ABB, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings