13th June – CH3 – HRA

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The drive to the A was through a huge storm, but the skies cleared as I approached the runsite. HRA the hare, so I was optimistic. A reasonable turnout, and after getting all the vehicles parked the hare brief set us off. Shagless was like a gazelle! I’ve never seen him move like that as he sprinted up the first hill – only to get the first check wrong. The first couple of checks were tricky, I did find them, but it took a while. Up and down, and back up again, just to go back down again. I wasn’t feeling great, sneezing and coughing my way, and then getting the next check completely wrong, only for Shagless to sprint up another hill ahead of us. He was on fire!

I want some of what Shagless has been eating. Sloppy, CW, Piggy & I tried to chase him down, but he kept nailing the checks. Sloppy gave up looking anywhere else and focused his attention on the chase, finally reeling Shaggy in. We past the Wimp Rambo split, and cut through a gully back to the road. It had to be right, cos turning left would take you to the football field. From here I hit a wall, and plodded back down the road to the cars. The first part was a really interesting set, and I’m sure the 2nd half would have been too. But I was feeling shit, and I still am!

13th June - CH3 - HRA, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings