11th June – CSH3 – Big Top

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11th June – CSH3 – Big Top

And so to MaeJo. A lowering sky greeted a respectable hash turnout. This area is renowned for its great running trails and we were not to be disappointed. Big Top under the tutelage of BMY briefed us and before we could finish our stretching exercises we were off. 7K exactly we were promised. Along, round and up. Down, round and along. Our first False Trail. It took an eagle-eyed hasher to spot paper through the trees and across a ravine. And so on on.

There were V-Checks and there were Circle Checks. The trails today were to be very forgiving of these aging knees. Loamy soil or soily loam? Maybe silty clay. What do I know? Maybe the day to up my game at least so I tucked in behind those starry FRBs Pigshit and Chuck Wao and fired up the afterburners. Turkish Delight was thereabouts but funnily enough I did not see or hear him the entire run! Sex Pistol was speeding along and I caught up with her while she was facing off a pack of barking canines. The trail then took us up through woods to a ridge line, the peace and silence broken only by Pigshit’s excitement at the grand view of the city. On the downward slope I came across HRA gingerly negotiating the scree.

Shortly after I guessed right at a check and was ahead. Time to run like the clappers. But only for 20 yards. I took a tumble. From here I came to a couple of V-Checks in the company of ABB. He artfully suggested the trails I might like to explore. Both wrong. But I caught up. I overtook. I came to a V-Check. What did the poet say? “The roads diverged in a yellow wood/And sorry I could not travel both…” I picked wrong. Went a fair way down the trail and then saw Tiptoe in the distance. There must be the intrail but I could not find any paper. I pfaffed around unnecessarily and then turned back, taking a while to catch sight of the FRBs but catch sight I did. Not far now, maybe 1K. PIggy, Chuck Wao and I finished the hash closely together a little way behind ABB.

Thank you Hare. Great job of work. That was a great run. 63 minutes of hashing Nirvana. The checks kept me guessing to the very last. At the A bucket there was some tasty tucker and cold beers to be enjoyed followed by a fun circle with some, to me, unheard new songs courtesy of our German friend. Cheers and beers.

Write Up by Cuckold! :)

11th June - CSH3 - Big Top, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating