5th March – CSH3 – Toe Sucker

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Toe Sucker teamed up with Square Rooter for a set out behind the Ag Center. Familiar area, but no doubt they would find a different set. I barely made it in time for the harebrief – there would be several wimp outs, and extra short cuts for walkers? What was in store?

We set off in a different direction, and I got the 2nd check wrong wanting to cut to the right. We have to go right to get to the usual trails…? The next check had us foxed for some time – even after it had been called. Finally Sloppy found it cutting back down the dried up river bed, but nobody could place his call, which meant we had to refind the check behind him. When I finally got it, somehow there was Brownie & Sloppy up ahead, and then we were in the midst of the walkers… Huh? Who holds the walkers back only to set them off to block a narrow trail in the middle of the FRBs??? I was feeling weak, tired and already giving up interest. Finally through the narrow part, and past most of the walkers, another check.

All number of hashers ahead of me, so I picked left towards the inevitable hill. Somewhere ahead Graven was checking. Nothing, so Turkey and I set off cross country towards the other trail that heads up the hill. Nothing. No calls, just silence and the sounds of crunching leaves. Meh. Back down the hill and the walkers were already moving towards the first of the Wimp Rambo splits. I got there with ABB, and there was no sound ahead – how far behind was I?

This was where the trail turned up, and after pressing for sometime I finally caught sight of NOYB ahead of me. I know where we were, but when I came out onto the main trail at the top – sure enough there was a circle, but instead of being kicked out, there were hashers scattered all over the place. How hard were these checks?? I didn’t have chance to catch my breath when it was called back down the hill to the right. I set off, but really wasn’t feeling good.

Down the hill, past by many hashers, and then another Walker / Runner split – The runners going back up the hill to the left, while the walkers headed towards home. I headed home, but still got the remaining 2 checks wrong spending time fiddling around figuring it out.


5th March - CSH3 - Toe Sucker, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating