3rd March – CH4 – Anal Vice

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AV teamed up with KO again, hoping to redeem themselves after last week’s fuckup! We set off and immediately I was feeling weary. I’d have been better off heading home for a nap. Wrong at the first check, and I was behind Chilly Pussy at the back. Wrong at the 2nd check when Brownie pulled a jedi mind trick to read Graven’s body language. I trudged back around the top of the quarry, just glad we didn’t have to cross it, as it is a hell of a climb out the other side.

I was conserving energy as we went along the side of the rubber wall. Sooner or later we had to turn left and start climbing the hill, and that was the clever part about the early checks – we didn’t turn left, and kept hugging the wall. I managed to hang on to the back of the energetic FRBs (Brownie, Graven, Suckit, TMB), with Poo & a visitor. Finally we broke left and started climbing.

The hares added in a loop of pure evil. Clearly defined arrows forcing us to go back down before we would be forced to climb up again. My head wasn’t in it, and my legs were screaming at me to not bother, but I tried to push on. Up, and more up. I drifted through the pack like a ghost. A check and as I got there Brownie was coming back from the left, while the rest where ascending. I know where I am, and it was to be left?? Brownie had none of it, but eventually I persisted, headed left and found trail – a LONG 100m away. I was ahead and tried to find some energy in my legs – my legs said “fuck off”, so I called onon and pressed on.

My strategy thus far had clearly been to stick middle of the pack and conserve energy. Appearing at the front meant I was forced to check, and when I got it wrong the choice of climbing back up, or just rejoining the pack at the bottom wasn’t a hard choice. I was knackered. Nice set, with some good checks, and a weary byte.

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3rd March - CH4 - Anal Vice, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating