8th Feb – CH3 – Crap Thai & Sunspot (Run #1100)

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And so, it came to pass, as the moon came into phase that it was the (Chinese) Lunar New Year & Spring Festival to be celebrated along with the CH3’s celebration run number 1100.

The faithful gathered at the “A” site; in Mr Poo’s front garden (read: abandoned car park) before the appointed hour where we donned our new special “Chinese New Year” t-shirt; sponsorship arranged by the Hare for this special occasion, thanks Sunspot (and Dusit). Resplendent in red, splashed with Chinese characters and the usual hash regalia, we were OFF with ‘measured haste’ towards Loi Kroh Rd. The first circle check was a bit too close to BUDDY Guest house for comfort but most were relieved when the trail moved West away from Buddy and towards the Garden Restaurant in a district peppered with guest houses, restaurants and small bars. We made our way towards Thapae Road, moved along on lots of powder due to expected heavy pedestrian traffic. More checks, some back checks etc but not too difficult to follow fortunately because of the cacophony in the district, we moved in closer to the target trail moving through Wororot market which was all decked out for the Chinese New Year celebrations, lanterns everywhere and throngs of visitors many dressed in their Chinese finery, and we, dressed in our Kung Hei Fatt Choi t-shirts, fit right in.

Meandering through the Chinatown area we finally hit the Ping river where powder became less clear but found on the tree trunks heading north towards the bridge over the river at Kaeo Nawarat Road. There was a back check under the bridge but that didn’t fool anyone except Space Invader who was racing around like a blue-assed fly anyway, just let him go… Crossing the bridge and down to the river frontage and under the bridge heading North but that came to nothing (FT I guess…) and the real trail proceeded South along the river’s edge with many pleasant, ‘local’ bars and restaurants. As we approached the new pedestrian bridge (to be finished soon…) connecting Wat Gate to Wororot Market, we came to find the first beer stop which despite the GM’s assurance was well-briefed in advance, were NOT prepared for 20-odd hashers showing up for a quick beer or two, the pack being ‘mostly together’.

It was here that the GM dislodged the fireworks he had been carrying in a small backpack and with the help of the local restaurateur, set off a round of firecrackers to celebrate CNY. There was also evidently more significant fireworks ready very near by for the sunset display which we were able to observe at the circle. The Hares really went out of their way with the fireworks but we had to move ON ON. From the drink stop, we moved East, through a few small alley ways and towards the back of Wat Ket Karam and along the road (Saraphi Rd/106?) along the river frontage along Riverside & Goodview restaurants back towards Thapae Rd obviously turning towards home. Along the river the trail took us to the On In which was on the East side of the Iron Bridge where the Hares arranged a second beer stop, this one being more substantial than the first, this being more-or-less the END of the trail. After some considerable indulging, the pack slowly made it’s way back to the “A” site where Tiptoe (injured and unable to do the trail) was patiently waiting with lots of cold beer for the pack. The official length of the trail as measured by the co-hare was 5.2kms. Even Superman was happy! (or maybe not…)

Circle called by the GM, and the usual offenders & sinners called in to be “close to” the ice. Alas, there were no big ice blocks to sit on as we usually do so the best we could do this time was to get the offenders to stand on or near existing crushed ice/cubes etc. As the sun was setting we did see and hear the fireworks go off (thanks Hares!)


8th Feb - CH3 - Crap Thai & Sunspot (Run #1100), 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating