6th Feb – CSH3 – Turkish Delight

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Epic weekend! Excellent job Turkish, really, really good! For many of us the hash began at the 19th hole and the Friday night wine & cheese went on and on… Sometime around 3, Sups suggested it would be better to get 2 beers from the fridge rather than 1 as it would save time and effort later. Always keen on efficiency it seemed to make a lot of sense…. On Saturday it made much sense, when I woke mid afternoon feeling like shit and needing to scout a hangover run before the main run. Aaaargh!

I dozed through the harebrief, and was tempted to spend another hour lying in the shade behind a truck. Better to sweat it out I guess. I walked up the road, and eventually persuaded myself to break into a jog. The first circle was right by the waterfall – cunningly designed to stop anyone hearing the “On-Call” no matter how loudly it was called. Inside information let me pass most of the pack and follow Brownie & Poo to the left and then up the hill.

We headed over to climb up the waterfall, and I controlled my pace to keep my hangover under control. One by one I was passed by HRA, TMB, KO. Most suggested I took a Wimp trail. The trail was great – perhaps going at a slower than usual pace meant I appreciated it some more. Great views. Anal Vice breezed by giving me some encouragement, and Foxy approached me as I got to the Wimp Rambo split. Time to take the sensible option – I was already out of water and throat dry. Does Nothing soon came up behind on the Walker trail, but it wasn’t long before an arrow joined the trails back together – sadly it was pointing up and there was another climb to get through. Again nice trails, but no checks. From the top it was straight on down and back. Fortunately I had time to rehydrate a bit, take a shower and have a quick nap before the circle!

All in all a very successful outstation – good food, great trails, fun circle, and hangovers to prove it!

6th Feb - CSH3 - Turkish Delight, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating