21st December – CH3 – Robin Banks

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Anglo Dutch relations were strained to breaking point during the hare brief as BrownFinger and Robin van Banks argued over pink paper and scared this hasher that the run would be some kind of H.Monkey alike mess up. Happily, the subterfuge worked for the trail was a high quality blend of well linked forest trails, barbed wire fences to roll under/spike your back on (choose where applicable), tricky checks to all but BMY and a few challenging steep up and down bits to remind the pack this was a male hash. Plus a decent flattish last km or so to mostly erase any hurtful memories and soothe ill tempers.
BMY appeared at the start looking like a runner and at the end in jeans and top, beer in hand, looking like a day visitor to Calais? Checks were not kicked out that he’d reached first and no sign of him during the run by any regular human, or hasher. Visitor Walter would have a conspiracy theory I’m sure.
I recognised parts of the trail from Sqrooters and H.Dick’s last set together back in March that was destroyed by the rain and hail….with only Alice, Yanksoffalot and Sloppy completing, that gave me some idea at least but most of it was virgin trail for me and beautiful yet challenging enough 2 days after the gruelling Bahrain X Island Run left me in a state of jellied pulp plus Guinness.
The pack seemed to work well together with Graven eager for work, HRA keen as mustard and the rest doing their bit most of the time. HRA was squawking excitedly when up ahead at checks – Turkish please note – and did a good job in low vis sections at checks.
The circle was fairly sedate and enjoyable. Frozen and TipToe were rightly blasted for claiming to be survivors of their own ‘Hybrid Rambo’ route which took about 1:30 to complete and had the hares concerned until YoA confirmed they were behind him on the run in. There’s only one thing worse than cocky, arrogant hares and that’s walkers who think they know better than the hare and can ignore some of his advice and join up the dots themselves due to higher intelligence.
But sometimes the hashing gods are kind and all ends well….yet this kindness can disappear as fast as an IT Prof in a shaded forest glade….
On on and thanks hares for a top run and the pack for your welcome back and company.

21st December - CH3 - Robin Banks, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings