14th December – CH3 – Brownfinger

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I left the house prepared for the hash, but with plenty of business to attend to, I wasn’t sure if I would make it – the stars aligned and sure enough I made it. Keen to see how Brownfinger’s leg had healed, and what he’d put together for us. The directions were Ob Kham, so I was happy to find the forward sign as I am often concerned I missed a sign on that road. It was the hexagonal shelter for the runsite…

The hare delegated the harebrief, which was thorough and elaborate – Robin Banks detailed the checks thoroughly, while BF looked petrified… Was he going to sweep – no ffing way! Banks tried to lead us through the trees, but the trail was past the barrier and soon we were off. Suckit’s visitor was clearly a real runner – wearing a marathoner’s t-shirt and breezing past me at the first opportunity – you might be a marathoner, but are you a hasher? He got the first couple of checks right, but then joined the game.

Sloppy was playing all the dodgy FRB cards.. “Hey – you guys should go down the road, cos there is barbed wire here!” I didn’t hear him say it, but I was confused as ABB, Poo & GI came running back towards me while some of us just followed trail.

Listen carefully to the harebrief. The hare stated that the Rambo trail would be to the left, after around 5km – that gives a lot of information – it says the trail would be clockwise, which helped me a lot with a couple of checks and we crossed the road. I was following Suckit and at the next circle he wanted to go left. I thought right was good, but had a small stone in my shoe. Time to get rid of that, while all the other hashers seemed to follow to the left. Only Sloppy Rod joined me checking to the right, and by the time we found the powder, we were clear.

We ran up the small hill, and hit a V check. SR’s exuberance gave him the choice, and he chose Right, (which would have been my choice), so I was left to hack my way across on what happened to be the real trail. Sloppy came flying along with me, and before I got to the next circle I pointed the trail out – he generously offered me the check along the trail I’d picked, and sure enough that was correct. Suckit’s boy was chasing me down, but I got to another check first and this time picked right, where I ran into Kwazi, who told me where the next powder was.

I got another couple of checks right, but was quickly tiring, pushing myself on thanks to Graven being just behind me. Finally I got one wrong and it took the pressure off… I was tired… Finally the wimp rambo split… Suckit went right on the wimp trail, and it looked so tempting! Turns out he didn’t see the “W”, only the arrow, and came running back about the same time I decided to take the short route back.

A great set on some great trails – yes we’ve done a similar run in reverse very recently, but the hare didn’t know that! Huge respect for the hare getting off his ass and setting a great run while his leg is still stitched up.

14th December - CH3 - Brownfinger, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings