5th December – CSH3 – Stumbling Dyke

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Stumbling Wicket teamed up with Pamela for another run down at the end of the canal road. I missed the first sign, but managed to get to the runsite in time for a slightly tardy start. Looking around no sign of Graven, Brownie or Piggy… The early FRB was Diddly Squat – so intent on getting a fast breakaway at the start that he completely ignored trail and had to be called back. Poo and I led the way through the first couple of checks, but as I kept getting them right, calls faded behind me – where were the other FRBs?

Time to be brought back to earth with a couple of good checks that brought the pack back together. Some German visitors were among the leaders, with Poo, Taste My Buns and Cuckold. Poo took the lead at one point and promptly got the next check wrong. I always seem to get a little disoriented on the trails there. We were running in the same area as last week, and the trails crossed each other several times, but there was no evidence of the previous week, and everything looked different from a different direction.

Excellent job by the hares.

5th December - CSH3 - Stumbling Dyke, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating