22nd November – CSH3 – Cuckold

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Pretty sure this was the first Cuckold run I’d been on, so it would be interesting to see what he’d picked up in his hashing days. He picked the football field on the Sameong Road – ***Temple Steps*** flashing before my eyes. The night before I was already visualising the pain of the climb. The hare was there early… ready… primed with war paint on his face… harebrief well prepared and then orchestrated with perfect attention to detail. He then pointed towards the temple and set us off.

We turned quickly away from the temple, and headed towards the bamboo bridge that normally marks the end of runs there. The bridge has seen better days… Today it was falling apart before a gang of hashers took it on. I am very grateful that Brownfinger waited for me to get across before adding his weight to it. I was slow, as I normally am over such obstacles, but it held my weight. Having crossed I had an advantage and set off while the rest went one by one. A circle check, and I got it right. We looped around to the left, and by the next check I was 90% confident it would be right through the gully. None of Your Business was running along behind me, so I let him go the wrong way. RoundFinger was chasing me down, but I got to the next junction ahead of him, and for sure it was right – time for Brownie to go the wrong way. I found trail and we headed up over the small hill. Next circle check I made a mistake I won’t make again, and checked a deadend to the left. Damnit!

When we hit the concrete wall, KO & NOYB stalled – it had to be right, so I chased off after Piggy who was leading – except for Graven & BowWow who suddenly appeared ahead… Some excellent running or some intelligent short cutting? Up the hill again, only to turn back and go down… Were we going to go down the steps? or up the steps? We were back down to the flat lands, running smoothly, and there was the hare… Like a spirit master he was urging us to turn left onto the R(ambo?) or R(unners?) trail… The other option was the W(imp) or W(alk) trail. The real FRBs set off and were given a taste of the temple steps. I opted out… Turkey opted in, briefly, and then opted out and joined me for a beer while we waited.

Excellent set – very clearly marked, and some good checks. Local libraries stock the “Haring Bible” authored by Square Rooter, that states clearly to put the pain in the early part of the run, so that hashers forget it by the time they get back.

22nd November - CSH3 - Cuckold, 4.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings