14th November – CSH3 – Pigshit

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Double check the hareline – yes, the miniballbreaker was set by Mr. Poo on 7th November… Today was a regular run by Pigshit… Maybe I didn’t get the memo? The hare was cautious in his harebrief recommending us to take the Walker trail if we weren’t feeling fit – perhaps we should have listened to him? A site was the hexagonal shelter in Ob Kham. I set off with Turkey sprinting off only to remember he still had his car keys, so he turned back. I figured I may as well keep going, and the first circle was exactly where expected. I thought I could see something on the trees to the right, and sure enough I was on. Up the hill, may as well keep on running there is bound to be a check at the top of the rise. I opted to go to the left – there are 2 trails there, and if one is wrong you can normally see the other trail.

Ack, no sign of paper, so I figured I would go around the hill and join the pack the other side. What was that up ahead? A big of paper? From this run? Strange… It was too far.. Surely I wasn’t on… I looked back, and only then saw the line of paper leading to where I was… ONON… I got the next check right as well, and was cruising along nicely until I got one wrong. Turning back, I got back to the circle about the same time Chuckie called. Apparently it was a public toilet as Mr. Poo & Naheman were taking a break rather than checking. The pace was quick for the hash. With Chuckie leading the way there was a great check – surely not that way, it would be back to the left. Another one I got right, and dragged Graven along with me. We ran up and down over the small hill by BJ farm. Damn this pace was quick – I don’t think I am fit enough for this…

Had to use everything to my advantage. I had already guessed where the Wimp Rambo split would be – I was right, and headed towards it. Luckily the trail also went that way and we ran as a pack with Sloppy, Graven, Poo, KnockOut, Naheman, Chuckie all in close order. After the split, there was a circle. I pushed on to make sure I got the first choice, and went straight. Chuckie followed not wanting to check the trail to the right… Finally I (we) were wrong, and turned back to hear Sloppy calling from the other trail.

Ack! This was going to be a long one… 8.25km for me. Lovely trails, a good set that kept a sizeable bunch together for most of the run. Definitely a runners run which will have done my fitness some good. It took a while for me to recover after – thanks!

14th November - CSH3 - Pigshit, 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings