5th November – CH4 – Sweet Pea

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Sweet Pea teamed up with a vibrator to set a Happy hash run tonight. From by the old football field (currently under construction) at the Ag. Center, we set off towards the crematorium. I jogged along with Chuckie, who was clearly chomping at the bit, while at the same time complaining that I was already jogging – it must be the added Brownfinger competition! We got to the first check together, and he cut me up in his determination to check the obvious way. We were both right – heading towards the mountains. The next check I was wrong, but carried on and jogged around the huge field, and along the trail at the bottom of the hill – its a great trail, I love running it, and sure enough there ahead was Knock out checking at the corner – that was a long cut, but I got back into the pack as the vibrator decided to insert the trail into the bushes, driving upwards into the jungle, slightly moist from the recent rains. Meh – someone nominate me for the “Bad Sex in Fiction Award”.

I was chasing up the back, but refused to give up, keep on pounding, keep on driving forwards up and deeper into the jungle. One by one walkers paused to take a breather, but I just pounding relentlessly, deeper and deeper. I was tired and seemed to be making little progress – the vibrator had already been there in the afternoon. I heard cries from up ahead, begging me to keep going on and on! Finally a check, and finally we broke off to the left with Chuckie leading the way. I got to the check as Poo came back down from the false trail. We hacked our way along the side of the hill, before going off trail and hacking our way back down the hill. CW may have been leading, but as paper turned to ribbons and to tissues, we grouped up ready for a final releasing burst as we finally exited the jungle.

At the bottom it was a pretty straight run in, nice job – thanks for setting!

5th November - CH4 - Sweet Pea, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating