31st October – CSH3 – Woolly Jumper

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Mr. Poo has been on the hareline for months, setting a special mini-ball breaker…. months back he chose the area around Huay Tung Thao, and immediately a bunch of hashers agreed it was a good idea and set runs there… So he moved his mini ball breaker, and rescouted it… So Wooly Jumper figured she would choose Mr. Poo’s wife as her co-hare and set a run so close to his run area. Good luck next week Khun Poo!

The hare brief told us that there would be powder after the first circle check, but no powder after that…. So anyone who drove in would know that the powder led across the dam as we’d driven in. I set off and Brown Finger (great to have you back bud!) slipped in behind me, as we raced across the dam – first km 5:10. I can’t keep that shit up! Then we hit the hill… And Brownfinger (along with Chuckie) filed in behind me… We were climbing a serious hill, and Brownfinger and Chuckie were just chatting away catching up behind me – they asked me questions, but I was barely able to breathe let alone keep climbing.

Very few checks early on, so I guess the pack was spread out. Brownfinger followed me through a couple and promised to check next time. Another circle and I check straight while Brownie & CW checked down the hill. Silence… I got to 100m or so, and there was no sounds from below… Then I spied some paper – a precise square of paper ahead. I headed towards it, and heard CW calling OnOn from below. There must be some mistake – the paper I found was clearly marked as the halloween run. There were no trails leading to it, it has to be the right trail – around the right distance… I called OnOn, but with silence behind, I followed the well marked trail up the hill. A long way up the hill – trail well marked with halloween markers.. I can’t be mistaken – the trail was marked with unique markings and it went up, up, up! Until…. nothing…. not even a circle check?! Presumably we would loop around and get to where Chuckie had called from? I would be the hero! I would be the only one to do the real trail! I guessed “someone” had removed the circle check? And started to check…

Time to cut a long story short… I was alone… The hares had screwed up… But they had the good fortune that everyone (except me) followed their real trail back down the hill…. I got some extra exercise and managed to catch the back runners as I came down the hill… I also got more familiar with some of the trails around where Mr. Poo is setting his mini-BB next week!

31st October - CSH3 - Woolly Jumper, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating