10th Jan – CSH3 – Adorable Blue Balls

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A familiar area at the back of the Ag Centre, so I was confident if the run was too tough I’d be able to short cut back. My legs were sore, but not as sore as they are today! Anyway, the A site was the ranger station which nobody uses – something to do with ghosts – after the run we had a ritual where we moved the ice 10m to the left to appease the ghosts, and Wooly Jumper kept seeing someone hiding in the shadows asking us to leave before 7pm. I didn’t see anyone!

Anyway, we set off… NOT in the direction of the hills, but towards the fields of the Ag Centre! Awesome! We cut through the nice flat meadow with the odd check which had 1/3 of the pack following trail, 1/3 of the pack paralleling to the west and 1/3 of the pack paralleling to the east. Sadly I was in the East group with Pet my Pussy, and the trail turned abruptly west, towards the hills. A gentle climb past some of the faculty buildings and the pack was split. I couldn’t run, but could hear the FRBs off to the left. With a good idea of what the hares were going to do, I cut along the trail at the bottom the hill – and I was straight back on trail. At the lake, the trail headed around the back of the lake. I cut off under the lake, and found myself back on trail, this time ahead of the FRBs.

At the next couple of checks I beelined back towards the A site, each time finding trail, and one time finding a large brown snake. The pack were somewhere behind me, I heard the odd call as I passed the “ONION”. Brownfinger and Piggy came racing in as I chatted to the hares. Good job! There are some great running trails at the Ag Centre, and we haven’t used them for quite a while now.

10th Jan - CSH3 - Adorable Blue Balls, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings