5th January – CH3 – Frozen Dick

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Frozen and Humpers laid just the right trail for a hangover run, the only issue was getting people to the A site as the signage was well camouflaged….to be polite. One normal red n white at the turn on Sam Jct then these black signs with pale yellow letters were somewhat challenging to just about everybody who came by themselves and definitely the song tao!

The Dicks laid a 4 click jaunt which had plenty of checks and a dastardly false trail that caught everyone out. Once this had been surmounted, we were on again, cursing and sweating across low level undulating ridges to behind a smelly chicken farm. Or maybe it was just me with the f, c and b?

A check on a hillside with paths left and right near the end foxed us. Pigshit went left, with Alice and BrownFinger 50 yds behind. No flour. Suddenly a shout from above and we bashed thru the forest to the trail which had been right and then up and around the hill. The circle remained unkicked and foxed the later runners and walkers, of which there were many.

After another tricky check, On In was clear and Alice jogged back alone to find Piggie and Browny heading off again for another lap. Apparently some late, late arrivals started then too!

Virgin Peter from Manc and Does Nothing came in last of the first pack and then half the Cloggies in Siam followed in ribs and drabs. Welcome back to Wouldn’t Come after many years and hello to a load of other Dutchmen who also couldn’t locate the site.

Circle ebbed and flowed under Frozen’s icy grip, the Great Baldini slipped off the ice and everyone went home happy, more or less, which is the point.

On On and Keep Hashing Healthy in CNX!
Alice and xx from Fandango.

5th January - CH3 - Frozen Dick, 5.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings