30th August – CSH3 – Pamela

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A smallish turnout with many of the guys down in Pattaya, including the GM. At least it didn’t take too long to do the hash cash. We were fortunately swelled by visitors. Hare brief complete, we set off out of the gate of Pamela’s house and along the road. Belly Dancer typically sprinted off, but his UK vacation hampered his stamina, and he didn’t quite make it to the first check – some km or so into the run. I was immediately on the back foot, following Piggy and Struggles to Cum into the forest.

Along the gully, a few checks were straight on, until we started zig zagging – a short cutters delight which clearly wasn’t wasted on Belly who suddenly popped out of the trees in front of me. Finally we got out onto the mainish trail and I was following Adorable Blue Balls. At the next check, he went right, and had to be right, so I followed and sure enough we were on the nice trail that cuts fairly flat between the hills. Over to the road behind the night safari, but rather than using it, Pamela had taken us up the hill along much nicer trails. I was nailing checks, but inevitably my luck ran out, and got one wrong.

A lot of runners managed to pass me by, but when the trail came back out onto the road, I managed a little sneakiness – suggesting to Piggy he should turn left, when it could only be right. Back in the hunt and the pace quickened with a group of us heading back towards Pamelas. The mainer road – surely it wouldn’t be back on the out trail? It was, and I was thwarted at the end – but I managed to get back with it when Piggy mistook the OnIn for a false trail, and again when he chased off after Struggles who started going around again.

Anyway – a good run!

30th August - CSH3 - Pamela, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating