11th Jan – CSH3 – Frozen Dick

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Being hash cash sucks! Some people not paying, some showing up at the last minute… Complicated pricing structures… So I wasn’t in the best of moods when I set off after the hare brief. And worse after the hare sent us in the wrong direction. We scrambled through some shiggy with the pack in reverse order. It was a bit of a struggle following the powder at through the overgrown field, but normal order was restored by the time we hit the roads. Pace was quick, and I nailed a couple of checks, only to be thwarted by a false trail – due to budget cuts we didn’t get painted sticks, just a couple of bits of paper to indicate the true trail.

We past the hare on his bike, and presently came to a tricky check. It took quite a while to figure out and the pack was brought back together, only it wasn’t as the FRBs still managed to get off the front. I was trapped in a bamboo thicket when the call came, and was chasing up the hill. Fortunately there was another false trail up ahead, and I could take advantage to get back into it. Turkish Delight got to a check first, and chose completely the wrong direction – maybe that’s why he normally just follows the rest of us.

Things were working for me, and I nailed a few more checks, including by large quarry that had Graven sprinting off determined he was right – he wasn’t but didn’t come back. Through a little creek I found an alternative way to get back on trail. So when HRA lead the pack to the On-In he looked bemused that Graven and I were stood there waiting for him!

All in all a good runners run! I might have put a bit more into it than wise given this morning’s 10k.