19th October – CSH3 – Mr Poo

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Mr Poo seemed like the obvious choice for setting a full moon run, and with a late addition of Square Rooter as co-hare, the man who knows every trail in the Huay Tung Thao area, surely they would put together something special. It was dark and late, but at least it wasn’t raining! Full Moon? Nope… Well it made a brief appearance during the circle.

With torches bouncing we set off, straight towards the tarmac running track. A couple of early checks told us what we had in store – it was well marked, easy to pick out the powder in torchlight and as we got to the check at the back entrance to the lake, it was a make or break check. I followed HRA’s calls to the right, and it was along the running track. Inspired haring! On a daylight run we’d bitch about the bitumen, but on a night run it wasn’t quite road but safe and easy to run along.

Knowing the area the next couple of checks were obvious and we set off on the mud trail that I’ve run so many times before – only this time it was dark, and muddy and full of puddles. A smallish group had broken away at the front, and we got back together with a tough check by the horses stables. It was a no-brainer that we were heading to the right to cut across back to the running track, but it was hard to find the way through in the dark. The hares knew it and were waiting on the other side just in case they needed to rescue anyone.

Back along the running trail to the A. It’s always nice to try something different, and it was a carefully thought out set.

19th October - CSH3 - Mr Poo, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings